Wednesday, June 3, 2015

My Day with Emmie

Emmie and I have had the best morning together! She is every bit of three years old and I'm trying to be intentional with her since she's home with me for the summer. Early childhood was not my teaching specialty but I am trying and thanks to Google there are so many fun ideas!! After running a few errands we came home and she and Grayson played outside for a bit. Then it was time for lunch....
She made her own fruit salad and thought that was so fun! She kept saying 'mmmm my fwuit sawad is yummy!'
She did a craft, working on the letter A. I'm pretty sure she ate more than she glued though. ;)

Then we talked to the baby birds that are living on the window sill. She says to them "well hello there little friend."

She's almost 3.5 years old and has my heart. 

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