Sunday, March 2, 2014


This week in pictures!

Sunday 2/23

Addie met Ariel!  Addie and I attended a lovely performance of The Little Mermaid at The Colony High School



Monday 2/24

I snapped this of my little guy snoozing in his bed….he was so asleep he didn’t even wake when the camera flashed.  I’m pretty sure there’s nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby. And his face by his hand…so precious!


Tuesday 2/25

Love it when these two share!  They were playing a game on the kindle together, taking turns.  Ahhhh these moments make my heart happy.


Wednesday 2/26

Lexi and Addie were missing each other so they had a facetime session. They were just tickled to see each other on screen.  :)


Thursday 2/27

Sweet baby boy! He’s laughing and smiling so much!


Friday 2/28

Aunt Neecie sent the girls some light up buttons to wear…they were excited to put them on and take a picture.


Saturday, 3/1

We had a BEAUTIFUL day in North Texas so we headed to the park for picnic and play!
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walshpartyofthree said...

LOVE that facetime picture!! I'm so glad you took it!! Loving all the pics of your sweet family!!