Sunday, March 23, 2014

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Sunday, 3/16

Addie had a birthday party in the afternoon at an indoor swimming pool.  She put on her swimsuit at 8 am and I immediately asked myself why I tell her things so early.


Monday, 3/17

I took ALL THREE KIDS to the store for the first time yet all by myself.  We went to Costco.  Although we arrived and Addie did not have shoes, it was overall a huge success and I might try it again…in about 6 weeks!IMG_2273


Tuesday, 3/18

Ariel, aka “Oreo” (because that’s how it sounds when Emmie says it) is Emmie’s new obsession.  She goes everywhere Emmie goes, sleeps with her, and even swings with her! Sweet girl.  We now all call the doll Oreo. :)IMG_2288

Wednesday, 3/19



Thursday, 3/20

Snuggled up on the couch with this one watching Frozen.  She has the most deliciously soft skin…can’t you tell?


Friday, 3/21

My little man…


Daddy stayed home from work because I was sick with the stomach bug.  He took the girls to open jump at the trampoline park and they ALL had a blast!  He sent this pic of their fun!


My big girl who happens to hate naps, curled up in bed next to her mommy and took a nap. So sweet. These times are fleeting. 


Saturday, 3/22

We’ve moved on to a new baby contraption!  Johnny Jump Up!  He did not know what to think.  Emmie kept shouting, “Jump Gay, Jump!”  So sweet! 


Love these kids and love our crazy life!


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Chani said...

I love this post so much, and I love that I am finally able to relate to all these sweet little kid moments! Her deliciously soft skin, the jumping in the baby contraption, the napping together, sigh… So precious!