Sunday, March 23, 2014

HDG 2014

I am two weeks behind!  Here’s the week before last week in pictures!


Sunday, 3/9

Nana came over and brought Emmie the most special gift!  She made an activity book for buckle-snap-zipper-lovin little girl.  It’s such a labor of love and will be a family heirloom for years to come! Thank you Nana!


Monday, 3/10

This little guy looked so cute in his buddy Colin’s outfit to play outside!


And later that night, snuggles from daddy…


Tuesday, 3/11

We played outside!  The weather was gorgeous!  I loved these pics of all three on the swings!  Fun fun fun!


Wednesday, 3/12

We had Ben and Briggs over for playtime and lunch!  The kids enjoyed making handprint crafts that Bubbie got us!  We love us some Mahrer boys!


Thursday, 3/13

After a feeding, I caught Grayson staring out the window and loved how you can see his blue eyes in this photo!



That night before bed Emmie was so proud of herself for putting on Addie’s panties.  She walked around like this forever even though her legs were stuck together!

She’s so funny without trying to be!


Firday, 3/15

Emerson visited the dentist for the first time!  She was amazing and brave and cute!  The hygienist fell in love with her.  Daddy surprised us with a day off work so I was able to take her all by herself for this big visit.  She was so sweet.


That night we had the Lairds over for dinner and playtime in the backyard!  It was a lovely evening and we enjoyed having them over so much!  The kids jumped and jumped and we ate our weight in chips and queso!  IMG_2240IMG_2241

Saturday, 3/15

I snapped a few pictures of Grayson Saturday that were just so sweet.  He is so happy and so smiley these days I just cannot stop taking his pictures!




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