Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Halloween 2013

Halloween is a bit of a blur this year because of the fact that Grayson was only a few weeks old!  As I was cleaning off my memory stick earlier this week I realized I never blogged our first Halloween with three kids!  Because this blog is my baby book,  I cannot let it just go!  So please excuse the fact that it’s February and I am just making this post! In this weird sort of way it feels like it was just yesterday.  It’s been a little crazy around here friends!

Addie dressed up as a mermaid (big surprise!!) because this year she was totally into all things Ariel.  We thought it would be fun for Emmie to be her little fishy friend.  My mom found this adorable fishy costume in Oregon and shipped it to us.  She was really cute waddling around in it.  Grayson was Mickey Mouse (thanks to Carol for getting a costume for him!!)

My sweet friend Megan sent the kids trick or treat bags with their names on them, so that was a super special treat.  Nana and Leelee came over to take the kids door to door with Daddy, as they love to do each year.  Bubbie was staying with us for the week helping us transition so she snuggled Grayson and I took a bubble bath! :)

Halloween was fun this year, but I know it will continue to get even more fun in the years to come! 


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