Monday, February 10, 2014

Grayson’s Nursery

We finally finished Grayson’s nursery!  I am so excited about how it turned out! We have a boy!  We have a blue nursery!  Still can’t believe it! :)  We had a really fun time decorating and picking out the perfect things for his vintage airplane theme.  Just to reminisce, I went back and found nursery pictures from the girls’ rooms.  It’s fun to see how different this same furniture looks in all of their different rooms. It’s crazy to think that Grayson is the 5th baby to use this crib.  We bought this set from our dear friends the Malpasses before we were ever pregnant.  Their two babies Halle and Keaton both used the furniture before our kids!  Sweet memories! You can reminisce too if you have time!  Click here for Emmie’s nursery and here for Addie’s nursery.  Can’t believe this is our last time to do a baby room!  It’s sad and exciting at the same time! ;)  I’m looking forward to having big kids, but it sure is sweet having these babies in the house.


(Yes those planes are actually ‘flying!’…how fun will it be when he realizes that!!?)


Amanda G. Whitaker said...

I love the vintage planes. Such a cute room!

Lorraine said...

Adorable boy room! So fun! Blessings to you all

Brandi Schwertner said...

WHAT??? I didn't even know you had a blog, and now I think I need to clear my schedule for the day to read all your yummy posts! Is there anything you're not awesome at??!?

Love your sweet little man cave, Grayson!