Saturday, February 15, 2014

Daily Grind 2014

Several of my friends and bloggers that I follow are doing this thing where they post a picture every day. Goodness knows I take at least a pic every day so I thought it might be a fun way to document our life! I didn't start January 1st but I'm starting with this week! We shall see how long I can stay with it!!

Friday 2/7

Birthday party for Avery at jump zone!

Addie roasted her first marshmallow on our patio!

We hosted a fun couples valentines day party for my mops table.

Addie got to watch a movie on our bed while the littles slept and the adults partied. :)

Saturday 2/8

Someone found my candy decorations. :)

Grayson got sporty. :)

Sunday 2/9

The girls made Valentines for their friends!

Monday 2/10

Bath time is a favorite time with this little guy!

Tuesday 2/11

Addie and I made sugar scrubs for teacher gifts!

Wednesday 2/12

Grayson's first trip to Urgent Care. :(

Thursday 2/13

Addie's party at school

Friday 2/14

Addie got a rainbow loom and she's really good at it!!

Sleeping during wake time. :(

My little man's first VDay!

I received a wonderful Valentines Day gift! Brandon came home early and sent me away for a while so that he could bless me! He did dinner,bath, & bedtime. I got a pedicure, had dinner, and went to Target. It was a lovely treat!

Saturday 2/15

Sweet little guy feels so rotten...he will only sleep upright. So I'm holding him and trying to forget my to do list....


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