Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sweet Sisters

Emmie bumped her head on the window sill. Addie is nursing her back to health. 😂❤️

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Grayson's First Haircut

Our sweet boy had his first haircut today and he did great! 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Girls Weekend

Bubbie and Poppie had the girls over this weekend to give us a break and it was wonderful for all of us!!! They got to do so many fun things including having donuts, pizza, movies at bedtime, shopping, decorating for Christmas and even visiting Poppies work! They were so excited to go. We really enjoyed the mini vacation too! 

My Facebook posts said it all:

Little elves....

At Shipleys....

At Poppies office...

Emmie loved snuggling with Harley

We really enjoyed our quality time with this guy!

And when we loaded them up to head home, we hadn't been in the car 10 min and this happened....

A sign of a great time if you ask me!!! Thank you B & P, a million times over!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Family Fun Day at the Zoo!

Today we loaded up our crew and headed to the Dallas zoo for a family fun day! Brandon is off this week along with Addie so we were determined to have some fun! We still have 1 more month of our family zoo pass that Cici and Grandpa gave us last year for Christmas, so we decided to take advantage of it one last time.  The weather was lovely, hardly anyone was there, and we saw more animals than we ever have. It was the perfect day in every way! My favorite was when Emmie fed the giraffe. She giggled from deep down in her belly and it made me smile so big. Love making memories with my people! ❤️

Friday, November 14, 2014

Sticker charts

Last week Addie decided to make sticker charts for good behavior in our home. She said when a chart is filled we could go get a treat at the dollar store. I was like yeah, yeah whatever. She stuck them up on the wall. Emmies is on the left and Addie's is on the right. SMH. That girl is a mess!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Today we picked up Addie's glasses. She put them on and could not believe what she saw. She sat in the car saying 'Mommy! Everything is clear! Things aren't blurry! Mommy! There are leaves on those trees!' She'd slide them down and shout blurry! Then push them up and shout clear! I sat there watching her smiling as big as I did on the day she was born, with tears streaming down my face. I felt so emotional watching her realize the world was different than she'd ever seen it before.  I'm praying this is a game changer for her. Tonight she studied photo books looking at them with new excitement and wonder. She asked if there had always been that 'white stuff' all her when she was first born. I don't think she ever saw this much detail before. I feel so thankful we caught this now. I love this girl with my whole heart. 

I can see clearly now, the rain is gone....


Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Day Before Kindergarten


Dear Precious Addie B,

I’m not really sure how we got here so fast but we are here ready or not.  I feel like it was just a a blink ago that you came into the world.  You stole my heart from the moment I laid eyes on you.  You have such a dynamic personality!  When you walk into a room you light up the whole space with your warmth and beautiful smile. I am not worried about how you’ll do in school, but I am going to miss you so much.  I have loved every day that we’ve had together (even on the days when you pushed me!).  You are so much fun to be around and it’s been my joy watching you go from this tiny little 7 pound infant to the 44 pound confident, big girl you are now.  Every day you say things that blow my mind.  You love others with a fierce passion!  I can’t help but wonder if I’ve done everything I need to do to prepare you for this big change tomorrow, but I must trust in the Lord that I have.  I am going to miss you so much.  You have become my little shadow this summer and we have really had fun! Especially when the babies are napping and it’s just the two of us, that has become my cherished time with you.  I love doing puzzles or coloring with you.  Oh and you are so good at memory games; those have been fun too.  Even if you are just sitting in my sewing room playing a game on the ipad while I work, you are always there.  I know the Lord has BIG things for you little girl, but just know you will always have my heart. We have reached the time for you to start kindergarten! How exciting for you!  I already look forward to 3:00 tomororw!  Go get em Addison Berkley!

“You’re off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So… get on your way!” ~Dr. Seuss, Oh, The Places You’ll Go! 



Your Momma

Sunday, May 11, 2014

HDG April 13-19

Sunday April 13

Around the house


Monday April 14

Sink bath!


Tuesday April 15

I was putting away clothes in Grayson’s room and Daddy was reading to the kids.  Emmie is not in the photo because she was running circles around the room.


Wednesday April 16



Tea and Testimony at Mops!



Judging by her hair, I’d say it was a great nap!

Thursday, April 17

This sweet face turned 6 months old!  More on that later!


Friday April 18

Emmie LOVES this Ariel.  LOVES her!


Saturday April 19

Momma entered the Design Roots Snail Mail contest! (and sort of won!)


We celebrated sweet adorable Colin’s first birthday!


Emmie was plum worn out!


Mr Mischief was looking adorable and happy!


Easter service at our church home! Too bad the buddy isn’t looking.  This was our best shot!


Saturday, May 10, 2014

HDG April 6-12

Sunday April 6

Sweet boy


Monday April 7

Snuggles with my sweet Emmie


Tuesday, April 8

Kindergarten Roundup!


Wednesday April 9

Addie enjoyed stuffing her own eggs for her egg hunt at school


First time for ALL 3 kiddos to bathe together.  It was a little crazy and probably hasn’t happened since then!


Thursday April 10

Grayson and I had lunch with Aunt Carol


Then we joined Addie at school for her egg hunt, party and program!


Thursday night all three babies were looking so cute in their jammies.


Friday April 11

Kelly and I surprised the girls with a  trip to Sweet n Sassy.  They had an absolute BLAST!  It was a memory I will treasure FOREVER!


That night we took them to see my former student Chloe in Beauty and the Beast


Saturday Aril 12

We celebrated sweet Rylee!