Monday, December 30, 2013

Emerson's 2 Year Checkup

Today we had Emmie's two year checkup. I have been worried about this appointment because she isn't really talking. She has a handful of actual words, but babbles mostly. Dr G said that we are going to give her two months to see if her speech improves because research shows kids can make giant leaps between 24 & 26 months old. He said her comprehension is excellent and right now that would be his biggest concern. If she hasn't made a significant improvement by March 1st he will refer her to speech therapy. He was pleased with her growth. She's gained 4.5 pounds in one year! She was a sweet girl for her exam and checked out very well physically! Thankfully Ms Amy watched Addie and Daddy kept Grayson so I got to take her alone. 'One-on-one time' with my precious middle baby is a rare treat!

Emerson Claire 2 Years Old:
26 lbs 7 oz (62 %)
34 in (49 %)
Head 19.8 in (99 %) lol!!!

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