Sunday, September 22, 2013

Weekend Top 10

In no particular order…


10. Saturday morning…Brandon took the girls outside (the weather was BEAUTIFUL) and played the morning away with them while I sewed in my little workshop trying out lots of new fall designs!  This part is so fun for me!

9. Addie and I get so excited to host people! We spent the afternoon prepping the house for a party!

8. Emmie said UH-OH and LOVE YOU this weekend!

7. Emmie said three animal sounds this weekend! Cow, monkey, lion. (She talks very little but we are always trying to teach her, so we were all really excited about these developments!)

6. Hosting some of our Kansas family and Bubbie, Poppie & Thomas Saturday night.  We enjoyed our outdoor patio area so much! 

5. Both girls slept till 8:30 today!  Ahhh!!!

4. Church this morning.  The weather was just so refreshing.  It felt so lovely to go to church with my little family. The baby goes NUTS in my belly when he/she hears the music at church!

3. My TWO HOUR nap this afternoon! Brandon took over and I took a super refreshing nap.  Wow, it’s amazing how much of a treat this is to me at 34 weeks preggo!

2. Lifegroup this afternoon.  Our life group is full of the neatest people and we loved doing life with them.  We all went to dinner afterwards which was super fun too. Addie ate with her friends and did such a good job.  I loved listening to Brandon praise her on the way home for being so grown up.

1. Listening to the girls giggle together tonight during their bath.  They’re starting to really play together and enjoy one another and it makes me so happy!

Oh, and one more.  Reading to them together before bed…love the smell of clean babies all snuggled up in your lap for stories!  It was a great weekend!

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