Tuesday, September 10, 2013

First Day of School 2013-2014

The day has finally arrived!  The Harmon girls went back to school today!  They both did great!  We were so happy Daddy went with us to drop off!  Addie was SO STINKIN excited, as evidenced by these pictures!  She is smiling so big her eyes are closed in half of the pictures!  My big girl LOVES school! 


Before we left the house….


Emmie walked in to bubbles floating and music playing…she was a little overwhelmed but never cried!  YIPPEE! She’s in the same room Addie was in when she was 18 months old!


Big sister trying to make her feel comfortable. :)


Then it was Addie’s turn!  She walked right in like she had done this a million times!  She was so happy to see her new teacher!


Addie is thrilled to have Savannah, Lauren, and Eliana in her class again this year.  School is one big social event for this girl.


Then after school we continued with our annual tradition of heading to double dip with our favorite Mahrer boys!  So fun to add in Emmie and Briggs this year! 


Can’t believe these two big kids will be in kindergarten next year!  Sniff sniff!


And now, just a brief look back at the last three years of first days for these two cutie pies!

September 2013

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