Sunday, September 22, 2013

Weekend Top 10

In no particular order…


10. Saturday morning…Brandon took the girls outside (the weather was BEAUTIFUL) and played the morning away with them while I sewed in my little workshop trying out lots of new fall designs!  This part is so fun for me!

9. Addie and I get so excited to host people! We spent the afternoon prepping the house for a party!

8. Emmie said UH-OH and LOVE YOU this weekend!

7. Emmie said three animal sounds this weekend! Cow, monkey, lion. (She talks very little but we are always trying to teach her, so we were all really excited about these developments!)

6. Hosting some of our Kansas family and Bubbie, Poppie & Thomas Saturday night.  We enjoyed our outdoor patio area so much! 

5. Both girls slept till 8:30 today!  Ahhh!!!

4. Church this morning.  The weather was just so refreshing.  It felt so lovely to go to church with my little family. The baby goes NUTS in my belly when he/she hears the music at church!

3. My TWO HOUR nap this afternoon! Brandon took over and I took a super refreshing nap.  Wow, it’s amazing how much of a treat this is to me at 34 weeks preggo!

2. Lifegroup this afternoon.  Our life group is full of the neatest people and we loved doing life with them.  We all went to dinner afterwards which was super fun too. Addie ate with her friends and did such a good job.  I loved listening to Brandon praise her on the way home for being so grown up.

1. Listening to the girls giggle together tonight during their bath.  They’re starting to really play together and enjoy one another and it makes me so happy!

Oh, and one more.  Reading to them together before bed…love the smell of clean babies all snuggled up in your lap for stories!  It was a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

This girl.

This girl.  She can make the biggest mess I’ve ever seen. She can make me smile so big with her sweet grin.  She squeals like a pig when she is frustrated.  She gives hugs and kisses all the time for no reason.  She is ‘quiet’ at school.  She throws back her head and laughs hysterically when something tickles her. She sleeps like a teenager. She consumes way more sugar than Addie ever did at her age.  She is my daily reminder of God’s faithfulness and goodness and love for me.

This girl has my heart.


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Addie’s First Homework Assignment

We received this “All About Me” Poster at her meet the teacher day and were asked to work together to complete it and return to school as soon as possible.  So during Emmie’s nap today, my big girl and I worked on her poster…for a realllllly long time….and she is so proud of the end result! I wish I could be a fly on the wall when she shares it with her class.   I had to document it so I never forget the joy she had in completing an assignment with her cool mom.  (I know this won’t always be the case.) :) She was very specific in giving me “instructions” for what she wanted my help with. LOL!  All of the answers were in her words! 


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

First Day of School 2013-2014

The day has finally arrived!  The Harmon girls went back to school today!  They both did great!  We were so happy Daddy went with us to drop off!  Addie was SO STINKIN excited, as evidenced by these pictures!  She is smiling so big her eyes are closed in half of the pictures!  My big girl LOVES school! 


Before we left the house….


Emmie walked in to bubbles floating and music playing…she was a little overwhelmed but never cried!  YIPPEE! She’s in the same room Addie was in when she was 18 months old!


Big sister trying to make her feel comfortable. :)


Then it was Addie’s turn!  She walked right in like she had done this a million times!  She was so happy to see her new teacher!


Addie is thrilled to have Savannah, Lauren, and Eliana in her class again this year.  School is one big social event for this girl.


Then after school we continued with our annual tradition of heading to double dip with our favorite Mahrer boys!  So fun to add in Emmie and Briggs this year! 


Can’t believe these two big kids will be in kindergarten next year!  Sniff sniff!


And now, just a brief look back at the last three years of first days for these two cutie pies!

September 2013

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

32 Weeks!

I cannot believe how close we are to this baby’s arrival!  It’s absolutely mind-baffling how quickly it has gone by!  Everyone asks if I’m ready…well…on one hand yes!!! I cannot wait to not be pregnant any more!  But on the other hand no…I’m a little apprehensive about taking care of three littles at one time!  I know God will give me the strength, but oh goodness!  It’s gonna be cray cray in this house!  Ha!  I found out last week that I have gestational diabetes this time around, which was a little shocking and a little depressing.  But after one day of feeling really sad, I snapped out of it and put on my big girl pants.  It is what it is and I’m taking this bull by the horns. (I’m very thankful for my dear friend Kelly who had it too and has encouraged me greatly!!) I’ve started following the diet and checking my blood sugar throughout the day many times…8 times a day to be exact.  It’s kind of fun figuring out what I can have and what I can’t.  Very surprising to me how fruit can be an enemy if not paired with the appropriate protein.  LOL!  Addie is so excited about the baby, and of course Emmie has no idea what’s in store for her!  My sweet friend Carrie Martin took these pictures a few weeks ago for us to document the pregnancy.  I think you can see the love Addie already has for the baby in the pictures.  I wanted these pictures to be very casual…I even let Addie pick out her clothes and didn’t make her wear a bow!  Ha! These two girls are my heart!  I can’t wait to know if they’ll have a baby brother or baby sister!  The count down is on!  Love to all! XOXO --Michelle