Monday, June 17, 2013

Addison Berkley

Since I have not been the best at blogging lately I decided to do a little update on both girls just so that I will remember in years to come what they were up to at this time.  I am starting with my first born, Addie B.

Addie is 4 years, 2 months. 

She is growing up before my very eyes!  I have really noticed a jump in her maturity lately.  She is so smart and catches me off guard all the time!  She is a picky eater, loves her princesses, dances and sings all the time, is very dramatic and very loving.  She has a will like nothing I’ve ever seen and loves to see just how far she can push.  But she’s also so much fun to be around.  She loves to memorize one liners from movies and say them.  Lately she says, “Rapunzel….let down your hair!” In her best English evil mother voice and it cracks me up every time.  She is a little fish and LOVES the pool…she took her refresher course in May and is swimming and floating like a pro!  She is hungry ALL THE TIME.  She is the BEST big sister and asks me daily when Emmie will be “BIG” enough to be her best friend. She also really “gets” the baby coming…and kisses my tummy often.  She’ll say, “Baby, when are you coming out!?”  She insists the baby will be a girl!    She loves to go up to her room and play with her doll house and princess castle ..and will disappear for an hour or better sometimes just playing alone in her room.  She loves to play any type of match game and is VERY good at it.. I do  not let her win but she beats me all the time.  Addie LIVES to go!  She can’t go to sleep at night with out knowing what our plans are for the next day.  She delights my heart!  I can’t believe she only has one more year before she’ll be in kindergarten!  She seems bigger to me every day.  Lately she tells me what she’d be “most comfortable with” and it makes me giggle.  She is my challenge and my reward!  I love her with all of my heart!

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Amanda said...

Thank you for the much needed update, I have missed your blogging! I love all the pictures of the kiddos and your family picture is precious! I can't wait to meet this mysterious baby Harmon in October the suspense is killing me.... Love y'all!!!

Hillary said...

Precious precious Addie B!!!!

Hillary said...

Precious precious Addie B!!!!

Alicia Brunson said...

She and Macie are so much alike! Wish we lived closer!