Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Addie's Kind Heart

Today Addie accompanied me to the sewing machine repair shop. She sat quietly on the floor and played games on my phone for a good while so that the repairman and I could look at my machine. As we were leaving this conversation went down:

Store Manager: Mrs Harmon, your little girl is an angel!
Me: thank you!
SM: most little kids that come in here and run around like crazy! But not your daughter. She sits so quietly.
Addie: Thank you for saying that!
SM: you're welcome
Addie: my name is Addie. What's your name?
SM: I'm Keith
Addie: well it's nice to meet you Mr. Keith

She is such a sweet girl! I just love her friendliness with others! I feel such a fierce love for my girls. I want so badly--like nothing I've ever wanted before-- for them to have precious and kind hearts. With one obsession. To know and follow hard after Christ.

So tonight we celebrated her kind manners and Christ like heart by decorating cookies! Yep on a Wednesday night. Because my girl THRIVES on praise and that's how we roll! I want her to know being sweet is a BIG deal to me!

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