Monday, December 30, 2013

Emerson's 2 Year Checkup

Today we had Emmie's two year checkup. I have been worried about this appointment because she isn't really talking. She has a handful of actual words, but babbles mostly. Dr G said that we are going to give her two months to see if her speech improves because research shows kids can make giant leaps between 24 & 26 months old. He said her comprehension is excellent and right now that would be his biggest concern. If she hasn't made a significant improvement by March 1st he will refer her to speech therapy. He was pleased with her growth. She's gained 4.5 pounds in one year! She was a sweet girl for her exam and checked out very well physically! Thankfully Ms Amy watched Addie and Daddy kept Grayson so I got to take her alone. 'One-on-one time' with my precious middle baby is a rare treat!

Emerson Claire 2 Years Old:
26 lbs 7 oz (62 %)
34 in (49 %)
Head 19.8 in (99 %) lol!!!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Operation Room-Share! :)

Big changes going on at the Harmon house!! We have moved Emmie into Addie's room! Last night was their first official night together and they did great! Emmie was a chatter box and Addie kept trying to shoosh her. But once they fell asleep (which took less than 15 min) we didn't hear another peep till morning! So proud of our big girls!

And now begins Operation Grayson's Room! Excited about our vintage airplane theme!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Emmie!

I really cannot believe my sweet Emerson Claire is 2 years old today! She is such a sweet, happy girl. I always say she pierced my heart the moment I laid eyes on her. She lights up any room with her joyful spirit. We love her so much. We enjoyed celebrating her today with a special birthday lunch at Chick Fil A (where I let her have ice cream before her lunch!) and a family trip to Hope park. Happy 2nd birthday sweet baby girl. You make everyday sweet!!


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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Introducing Grayson Wade Harmon!!!

Although this post is a little overdue, I’m making it now and that’s what counts, right!??


On Thursday morning, October 17th, 2013 I was awoken at 4 am with the most intense pains in my abdomen I’ve ever experienced.  Ironically, I had recently shared with Brandon that it made me sad that I would never know the pain of a contraction (due to the fact that all three children were scheduled c-sections.)  So I got up, googled the pain I was feeling, and thought, hmmm this might be contractions?  I took a warm bath, walked a lot, and drank a ton of water over the course of the next 4 hours.  I downloaded a free app on my phone to time those pains and by 6 am I was convinced I was in labor.  I woke Brandon and suggested we go to the hospital.  I’m pretty sure he thought I was crazy, but agreed to get moving in that direction.  We called Julie (at 6 am!!) and asked her to come be with the girls so that we could head to the hospital.  I spoke to the L&D nurses and they had me convinced I should head in.  I also talked to my dr at about 7 am and he said the same thing.  Julie arrived at 8 am and we took off! Brandon had to convince me to take my suitcase because I was just certain we would be coming back home.  


When we arrived at the hospital, at around 9 am, they hooked me up to a bunch of monitors and confirmed that I was, in fact, in labor.  My contractions were about 6 minutes apart and “pretty intense” to say the least!  Brandon thought it was really funny to remind me that I asked to feel this pain.  HA!  Carol showed up at the hospital and prayed over us as we were both feeling very anxious. It was so sweet of her to sit with us while we waited to find out if I would be sent home or not.  That prayer that she prayed is one I will never forget! My dr suggested they start me on iv fluids for a couple of hours to see if the contractions would stop because I was only 37.5 weeks along and he really wanted to get me further.  At about 11 am I had been on the fluids for 2 hours and the contractions were not stopping!  So, the nurse called my doctor and they agreed it was time to do a c-section!  We were having a baby!  We were in shock!  It all happened very quickly from this point on!  This time Brandon prayed and we all fumbled on our phones trying the get the word out as they prepped me for surgery.  At 12:30 pm they took me back!  The sweet nurse that was with me could sense my anxiety and began reciting Psalm 27 over me…

The Lord is my light and my salvation
whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the stronghold of my life—
of whom shall I be afraid?

The thought of that moment still gives me chills! She was like a guardian angel taking care of me and I knew God was with me every step of the way.


And now for some pictures!  This was my last photograph EVER being pregnant! 


The anesthesiologist was so sweet.  She took several pictures (using my sweet friend Kelly’s camera—who also rushed to the hospital that day!!) I’m so thankful for my sweet friends who dropped everything to come help in any way they could!  And I’m also so grateful for Julie for rushing out at 7 am to do whatever we needed! We are such planners and this was NOT our plan!  God had a different plan and it was time to embrace it! :)

I love this picture of the two of us just before it was time to meet our new little baby! We were so excited to find out if we were having another girl or a little boy!!


Meanwhile, many things were happening to get our girls to the hospital.  Our precious friend Amy was picking up the girls from school and Julie met them at the hospital with their big sister shirts (which I had just finished the DAY BEFORE!!)  And Kelly took some pictures in the waiting room!  So thankful to have these moments caught on camera! Amy said that Addie screamed when she told her why she was picking her up early from school.  She was beside herself that this day was finally here!


“If you MUSTACHE, we are the big sisters…”



Love this picture of Addie and her bestie, Lexi waiting for the news that Baby Harmon was here! They are so silly!


Back in the OR this little guy was brought into the world at 1:18 pm and after what SEEMED like a 10 minute delay, (but was in reality only a few seconds…) Brandon saw what he needed to see and yelled, IT’S A BOY!!!


My face upon hearing this news!



This is the only photo we have of Dr. Riegal.  Love him.  Any time I see this man I feel a tender spot in my heart for him knowing that he brought all three of our babies into the world. He has been a great doctor. He was on his way out of town for the weekend.  I am so incredibly thankful he was still here to do my surgery.  I trust him greatly.


Carol was waiting in my recovery room and got a quick squeeze with our new little man.


Then they put him on my chest for some skin to skin time.


Having him so close to my heart was a precious time, for right after this…things got a little scary, but The LORD was in control every second of the way.  I’ll save that part of the story for another post. 


Back in the waiting room….

Brandon went to the waiting room where he whispered the news into Addie’s ear. She was the one who announced it to the waiting room! Her exact words were, with a ton of excitement “Ben!  It’s your favorite part!  It’s a boy!!”

Then the girls got to see our new baby BOY’s picture on Daddy’s cell phone.  (Thank you sweet Kelly for capturing this moment!!)


And THAT, sweet little angel boy, is the story of your birth!


Grayson Wade Harmon
October 17, 2013
1:18 pm
7 lb 12 oz
18.5 in long

From the moment you took your first breath, you took our breath away. –Unknown

Monday, October 7, 2013

Pumpkin Patch 2013!

I took the girls to the pumpkin patch today for our playgroup's annual visit! The weather was perfect! We had a great time! Last year Addie threw the food at the animals...this year she fed them and petted them! I think her favorite part was getting her face painted. Emmie's favorite was the hay ride...she giggled the whole time. My favorite was just being with my girls enjoying the weather.

They got to pick out their own pumpkins...

It's becoming more challenging to get smiling pics of everyone!

Can't wait to meet our newest little pumpkin 3 weeks from today!!