Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

The girls were not feeling very well this year on Thanksgiving, so at the very last minute we decided to host our very own Thanksgiving here!  It ended up being a very special day filled with special memories.  I went to the store at 8 am that morning.  We made TONS of yummy food, and enjoyed hosting Nana, Leelee, Uncle Ryan, and Cousin Lindsey for a late afternoon lunch.  I made a gourmet stuffing recipe that had bacon and walnuts and pears and lots of other yummy ingredients.  Our favorite item was the brussel sprouts we made, using our friends’ Carol and Micah’s recipe!  It was  a great day spent at home with our little family!


I was also very excited when Addie asked me to “come see something” on her easel!  For the first time ever, she drew something that looked like something!  Nana thought it was a turkey but she insisted it was ME!  She was so proud and so was I!IMG_6875IMG_6876

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Amy Mahrer said...

A new post!!!!! She did a great drawing. Very proud!
Next year I'm spending thanksgiving with you. Yummy!!!