Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Santa Fiasco 2012…Ho. Ho. Ho.

So, there’s a bit of a story behind our “Visit with Santa” for this year.  At the very beginning of December when we met my Mom and Granny in Canton I picked up the most adorable red ruffle legs for the girls.  Precious, precious, precious! I could not wait for the two of them to sit in Santa’s lap so I could get my annual photo of BOTH of my precious girls in these adorable ruffle legs.  Of course, not just any dress or top would do with such “loud” pants.  So I searched and I searched.  A few weeks ago I found the MOST perfect dresses!  Lauren Bib Dresses from Stelly Belly were posted on FB as a midday special in red and green polka dots.  I mean precious! I told my dear mother about the dresses and being so sweet she offered to pay for them!  So we ordered them in both girls’ sizes.  The dresses in all of their perfection arrived 3 days later….to which my heart was delighted! I have never been so excited for the girls to wear something together!  These outfits would be so perfect!  My plan was to take them the week before Addie got out of school one evening and meet Brandon in Allen for our favorite Santa.  Well, sickness set in.  That particular week I came down with strep throat and a double ear infection, while rapidly working to complete a large Zulily order that had to ship out by the end of the week.  Needless to say, Santa did not get a visit from the Harmons that week.  So on the Thursday of Addie’s program I decided to let her wear her SPECIAL new dress with ruffle legs for her party and program.  As soon as I put that dress on her she FREAKED out…crying, saying it itched, it hurt, I was so irritated!  She then proceeded to PUKE all over the dress because she was crying so hard she gagged herself!  (What this Mom-of-the-Year didn’t know is that my Addie bug was rapidly coming down with a virus…which would later that day be identified as the FLU!!!)  So I put her in another Christmas dress and off she went to her program. (More on that later) Since she became very ill by that afternoon, which was December 20th, Santa pictures were again put off.  Once the tamiflu settled in and made her magically…and I mean magically better I was ready to wash those dresses, make them “un-itchy” and head to Allen!  Then, Emmie became ill with the very same flu…boo hoo.  After what seemed like months of illness (but was only days), Christmas Eve rolled around and we still did not have Santa pictures!  So, my sweet Dad graciously invited us to his office for the Santa that visits his employee’s children.  But since Emmie was still sick Addie went alone with her Daddy to Dallas to see Santa just in the “NICK” of time!  She enjoyed it and was highly impressed by the Santa!!  She sat in his lap, told him she wanted a doll house and a drum.  (A DRUM!? Santa did not know about this and it was Christmas EVE!) But he was able to make an emergency trip back to the north pole in time for Christmas day.  So long story short, we got a picture of ADDIE in his lap, but I did not get my picture of both girls in Santa’s lap.  Boo hoo!  I did put them in the dresses today to get a picture by our tree.  I just think they are the cutest in these dresses!  And Emmie started feeling better today, therefore smiling again..which made the picture all that much sweeter.  I am reminded that Christmas is not about toys, gifts or even SANTA, but about a baby boy that changed the world….Jesus.  Jesus is what it’s all about!  Thank you God for this precious gift!  And…..Thank you Jesus for helping my babies get over this nasty flu virus!  We’ll try again next year!  :)


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