Thursday, December 27, 2012

Happy First Birthday Emerson Claire!

I cannot believe this day has arrived!  My precious baby girl is ONE!  Where did the year go?  I get tears in my eyes as I type this post.  This baby brings us so much joy!  I just can’t even begin to put it into words. Brandon and I wrote the following together!

Dear Sweet Emmie,

From the moment you were born you had us all wrapped around your little finger.  You are absolutely precious and sweet and perfect in every way imaginable!  You have delighted us so much over the last twelve months.  You are so happy and full of joy!  You very rarely get upset about anything, and if you do it’s usually because you are sick.  You have such an even temperament about you.  I have been guilty of babying you as much as I could for quite some time now.  I am in no hurry for you to walk, although I know the time is approaching because you are cruising about holding onto things.  You are still nursing, but you are enjoying exploring table food so much!  Your favorites are bananas and Mommy’s meatballs so far! You have had a little bit of cow’s milk in a sippy cup and seem to love it, you gulp it down! You do so great at independent playtime, when your big sister lets you play alone.  You love to listen to books and songs and try to catch glimpses of everything Addie does.  She loves to entertain you.   You are crawling all over the place and getting into everything but when I tell you no, you usually stop and move on as if to say, “Ok mom, sounds good!”  You love to clap and wave bye bye, and you say da-da-da-da often!  You’ve started to say UH-Oh, but the Oh doesn’t always come out.  We love the way that you are such an observer.  You love to take things in and just soak them up…you are always watching others!  We think you are going to be the more quiet of our two girls. ;) We feel that you are the perfect compliment to Addie, fitting like a perfect little puzzle piece in our family.  You seem to be a thinker first, then talker second.  Your most ticklish spot is on the right side of your neck under your chin, you just giggle and giggle when we tickle you there.  You are smiley and happy but maybe a little shy when you meet new people and sometimes you cry when your mommy leaves the room, but you always smile when daddy comes in.  You still take two naps a day, about 1.5-2 hours each and at night you sleep 12 hours, 7:30-7:30.  You are not much of a “cuddler.”  At bed time you will NOT let us rock you!  You’d rather just lay down in your bed and go to sleep!   You are my JOY sweet girl!  I cannot believe you are already one!  You make our hearts so incredibly happy!  When we are apart I miss you tremendously!  You are our baby girl and we love you to the moon and back!  Happy first birthday my little punkin-head!

Mommy & Daddy

….hard to believe this was a year ago….


And then she grew and grew….

emmie tubemmie e shirtIMG_6089IMG_6093IMG_6109IMG_6125Emmie

And now….she’s a big ONE YEAR OLD!

DSC09079DSC09394DSC09419imageimageharmon fall 2012-27b

We love you sweet girl!!!!


Amanda said...

Happy birthday sweet girl! We love you so much and have enjoyed watching you grow! We can't wait to celebrate you in a couple of weeks!

Amy Mahrer said...

Oh I love her! Happy birthday precious girl!!!

Chani said...

Haaaaaaappy birthday, Beautiful little Emerson!!! We love you!!!