Wednesday, December 26, 2012

December Fun

There is no way I can document all the fun we had in December but here’s a little glimpse into our little world!


The girls had a blast this month playing with their “baby Jesus set” that Hicare bought them over the last three years.  I love watching them….especially hearing Addie reenact the story of baby Jesus’ birth.


This little nugget loves to go to the grocery store with Mommy! She’s a great buddy, just smiles all the time!


We met Great Granny and Grandma Cece in Canton for a day of shopping at the beginning of the month to celebrate Granny’s 75th birthday! It was tons of fun!


Addie LOVES Lexi!  We met Lexi and her super sweet Mommy for lunch one day, then on another day they had Addie over to make reindeer food.  These two are so cute together!  I love when Lexi calls Addie “Addison Broccoli” (for Addison Berkley)…


Great Granny bought Addie a Rice Krispie train set, which she LOVED decorating and was so proud of the end result!  Plus it was a yummy holiday snack!


Benjamin and Addison BOTH won the SuPeRsTaRtAsTiC music award one day at school this month!  Big, exciting accomplishment for these cuties!


Emmie is following her sister’s footsteps and thoroughly enjoys trips to the parks, especially time in the swings!


December has been so fun with these girls!

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