Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Dancing Girls 2012

Early on in our friendship Carol and I discovered that we share a love for the Radio City Rockettes.  We both secretly dreamed of being a Rockette as little girls.  She loved watching them in the parades on TV as much as I did.  Many many years ago we talked about how fun it would be to go someday and watch them live together….we have both seen them in NYC but at separate times.  WELL, this year they came to DFW and performed all season at the Nokia Theater!  She had the idea for us to go and take ADDIE this year!  She offered to pay half of Addie’s ticket, which I thought was so incredibly sweet!  So, we bought tickets and started counting down!  I made Addie a count down link chain for the two weeks before the show.  She saw them dance on the Thanksgiving Day parade on TV and was so excited to have BIG girl time to go see the “dancing girls.” In fact we talked so much about no boys and no babies that she was confused as to why there were some babies and boys at the show. Ha!  She loved the show, as did Carol and I.  Our favorite part by far however, was in the second half when Addie stood up and started dancing with the Rockettes….Arms extended, legs kicking to the sky (we were slightly afraid she may tear a hamstring she was throwing those legs so high!)  It was a super fun memory that I will personally NEVER forget!  Love my little dancing girl and my forever friend Carol!



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