Wednesday, December 26, 2012


There are so many funny things that Addie says at 3.5 years of age.  I have been talking about starting a post for a while of her funny sayings so that we don’t forget them!  I can hardly believe she will be 4 in just a little over 3 months!

1. “Last day”  - this means yesterday in Addie-talk
2. “Mom, I’ve been bless-you-in a lot today!” – this means sneezing
3. “Where are we going tomorrow?  Where are we going after that?” – CONSTANTLY
4. “I’ve got runnies” – This means a runny nose
5. “Blue cookie” – rice crispie treat
6. “How much until my sun turns yellow?” – at bedtime every night
7. Walking through the airport passing a lady with a teased pony tail – loud as the day is long – “Mommy, she has silly hair!!”
8. “Can I have some freezing chicken?” – Chicken nuggets straight from freezer, no heating please.  GROSS!
9. “Mom or Dad will you put me to night night?”
10. “Who are you texting?”
11. “None of this would be possible without all of you!  Now, for your musical enjoyment….” – She starts her “concerts” this way.
12. “We can pee in the shower because there is a little hole, but not in the bath tub, right Mom?” – nuff said.
To be continued as I think of things…..


Amy Mahrer said...

Oh I LOVE her!!!

Chani said...

Hahaha!! Oh I am so glad you wrote these down! What fun things to remember! Super cute!!