Saturday, November 24, 2012

October Recap

I have been very negligent lately of this blog!  For that I am sorry!  It’s one of those things in my life that hangs over my head and I try so hard!  But sometimes I look up and TWO WHOLE months have gone by with no post!  Eek!  Well, here is a brief recap of the month of October.  It was wonderful and crazy and good.  Our life is wonderful crazy good right now!  These girls keep us on our toes but we wouldn’t have it any other way!


Pumpkin Patch—We went to the pumpkin patch in October with our playgroup.  It was a lovely day!  I had a great time taking pictures of my girls! This pumpkin patch is so awesome!  You actually walk out to where they really grow the pumpkins to pick one.  They have a hayride, which Addie LOVED this year, and they have animals for the kids to feed.  Addie was not excited about this and ended up THROWING the food at the animals.  It was hilarious! 

pumpkin patchDSC08590DSC08618DSC08624DSC08630DSC08636DSC08641DSC08659


Emmie – Emmie changed SO MUCH in October!  She started to REALLY love bath time, gained her 7th and 8th tooth, and started crawling…everywhere!  She makes us so happy!


emmie oct

Halloween Costumes – Grandma Cece HOOKED us up this year!  Addie was Strawberry Shortcake and Emmie was her “Berrykin Helper.'”  My mom bought Addie’s costume and made Emmie’s!  They were so cute!  Addie enjoyed wearing hers many times, the first of which was to the Fire Safety Town annual trick or treat event!  Landry the fireman joined us!  It was a chilly, but super fun night!


On Halloween day, we went to a playgroup at Cici’s Pizza with our playgroup.  It was so much fun! 

image (2)

On Halloween night Leelee and Nana joined us for trick or treating!


Addie absolutely LOVED trick-or-treating this year!  It was so fun to see her so excited!  By the time Halloween was over we were DONE with Halloween though! :)

October was so sweet this year!  These two girls make life so fun!