Tuesday, September 11, 2012

First Day of REAL Preschool!

Today my big girl started real preschool!  Last year she was in more of a Mother’s Day Out.  This year she is going to Sonshine ACADEMY, the school that I taught at a few years ago!  I love this place!  They have such a passion for learning, and meeting each child exactly where they are!  We are so happy that Mrs. Pickens is our teacher.  She has a fiery excitement for three year olds and Addie already loves her.  We were up at the school doing some stuff the last two weeks so she has already gotten a jumpstart on getting to know her.  Addie was super excited to go this morning and was very cooperative for my “first day” pictures this morning!


She helped me pick out the foods for her lunch.  Grilled cheese sandwich (there is another one under that triangle), goldfish, grapes, cheese, & edamame.


Ready to go!






When we got to school they had playdough waiting for her!



Her teacher texted me this playground picture below around lunchtime and said she was having a great day!


Then after school we were excited to continue our annual tradition and go with Benjamin for icecream! This year a bunch of new friends joined us!  We had to MAKE Ben and Addie take these pictures!  These two are so funny!




Hard to believe that the photo below was just one year ago:
(They have both changed so much!  Where did our babies go!?)



Ben, Addie & Connor = Best Buds!


It was a great first day!! :)

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