Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cece’s Visit!!

We had a blast with my Mom a few weeks ago!  She came to visit us for a whole week!  We had tons of laughs and lots of girl time while she was here.  Midweek we loaded up and drove south to Houston to visit family and friends.  We had a wonderful time! She spoils us when she’s here.  It was so much fun.

The first morning Cece was here she and Addie had a rock concert! 


She brought the girls adorable matching outfits!


This was a nightly ritual!


Granny and Papa enjoyed meeting Emmie for the first time and Addie was excited to see them as well!


Addie loved seeing her cousin Sadie Su! :)


We even got to see some of Grandpa’s side of the family!  Addie idolizes Kellie.


Granny picked out the cutest outfits for the girls!  Skinny jeans and denim jackets!  Come on fall, I cannot wait to put these on them!!


While we were in Houston, we got to spend time with Aunt Hicare, Uncle Micah and SWEET baby Meredith!

mere n em


Both girls enjoyed lots of lovin from Cece.


It was a wonderful week!



Amanda said...

Such a sweet post, looks like such a fun time! The girls are getting so big, we need a play date ASAP!!!

Amy Mahrer said...

Mommy visits are the best. And so are your girls. And so are you. :)