Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Addie & Ben

Today Amy, Ben, and Baby Briggs were over playing.  Addie and Ben were upstairs and I heard the bath water start running.  I went up to check on things.  They were in the tub playing "Let's take a bath."  This led to let's play "Get ready for bed and go night night."  Addie proceeded to dress Ben up in HER jammies, she put on jammies, and she came to the top of the stairs, announcing in a very loud voice...

"IMPRODUCING"....BEN!  He came down the stairs in girly jammies with a big grin on his face.  She then told us "Goodnight...we are going to have a SREEPOVER."  (she pronounces L as R.) Pretty hilarious!  Amy and I died laughing. Never. A. Dull. Moment. :)

~Michelle :-)

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Amy Mahrer said...

Hilarious for sure! Love those two kids!