Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Addison and Benjamin

When I was pregnant with Addie my sweet friend Amy was pregnant with Ben.  We prayed for each other and became close friends through our anxiety ridden pregnancies! Ben was born 2 months after Adie to the day.   Amy is a precious friend to me and I would be absolutely lost without her!  Like yesterday, she took Addie for 2 hours to help me out so I could accomplish an important task!  Addie and I just love her little guy Ben.  He and Addie are a lot like brother and sister, sometimes they get along great, sometimes they are like oil and water.  But they are ultimately the best of friends and cry when they must leave each other’s houses.  Back in May I took these photos of them playing at the park one day after school.  They just so happened to be dressed in coordinating clothes and I had my camera with me so I had a good time playing around with them. I just found the photos tonight on my memory card!  These are too cute not to share.  I’d love to learn to really take pictures of my kids.  This was just me goofing around, so they aren’t professional but they are sweet!  Oh, and these two turkeys….they call each other Benjamin and Addison.  They are so funny!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Where’s Emmie?

Believe it or not, this was one of those moments that truly just “happened.”  I sat Emmie on Addie’s bed for a  minute and when I turned back around she had grabbed all of these stuffed animals an pulled on them until they were surrounding her!  It was too cute not to capture!  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  This baby is PURE JOY. :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

This little piggie...

...has found her little piggies! (and cannot get enough of them!) :)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dabbling in Paleo

This post is more for me than anyone else. I just wanted to document a little experiment I've recently been doing. Three weeks ago I decided to try eating paleo for one month to see how it made me feel. (and also to hopefully lose some baby weight!) My friend Kelly had already been doing it for a month and felt great! My friend Hillary had also done something similar and gave me lots of tips. I basically have eliminated gluten, wheat, dairy, & most processed foods. Kelly describes it as a caveman's diet: fresh produce, lean meats, nuts, seeds. No genetically altered foods either. After three weeks, a few highs, a few lows, and the verdict is in....I have never felt better! I love it. We are all eating more fresh food -- fruits and veggies especially--than ever before! I have had a couple of cheat meals but have stuck to it for the most part! I have lost some weight but more importantly I feel really good! Kelly and I take pictures of our meals to send each other for inspiration so I have a bunch of food photos. As a part of my journey I thought I would document some of the yummy things I've made.... See below. It's fun to see how colorful I can make our plates and how creative I can be in coming up with new ideas. I'm hoping we can continue to eat this way long term with occasional cheats in moderation. Brandon is so supportive in doing whatever I do, and he is loving it too! Hoping to get some exercise routine going soon too! (Brandon already has that part down!)

Some foods I've made...

Common lunch sampler...

Meatloaf, roasted sweet potatoes, & broccoli

Slow cooked pulled pork with sweet potato fries, bananas, & tomato/cucumber salad

Chef salad

Salsa chicken, sweet potato chips, and homemade guacamole

Roasted chicken, green beans, & fresh sweet peppers with jalapeño/cilantro hummus

Turkey ice burgers with grilled pineapple and sweet potato chips

Spinach and mushroom frittatas

Tomato, cucumber & avocado salad

Hamburger patties with fresh tomato and avocado

Tortilla Crusted chipotle Tilapia with sauteed zucchini and squash and fruit salad

Braised beef short ribs with scalloped roasted sweet potatoes and green beans

Almond crusted stuffed chicken breasts

Taco Salad


Just doin my job!

My friend Kelly is so good about documenting the funnies on her blog...she's inspired me!

This morning Addie was playing "Target" with Brandon. She was selling him a pair of shoes. He played along, tried them on, said he liked them and thanked her. She looked at him and said "just doin my job!" ha!

Then they were at the park and she was working the drive through window. Brandon ordered a diet dr pepper so she went off to fill his order and came back, one hand on her hip and said "Sir, I'm out of diet dr pepper but I have one diet coke left."

Lol lol! This kid keeps us laughin!

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Addie & Ben

Today Amy, Ben, and Baby Briggs were over playing.  Addie and Ben were upstairs and I heard the bath water start running.  I went up to check on things.  They were in the tub playing "Let's take a bath."  This led to let's play "Get ready for bed and go night night."  Addie proceeded to dress Ben up in HER jammies, she put on jammies, and she came to the top of the stairs, announcing in a very loud voice...

"IMPRODUCING"....BEN!  He came down the stairs in girly jammies with a big grin on his face.  She then told us "Goodnight...we are going to have a SREEPOVER."  (she pronounces L as R.) Pretty hilarious!  Amy and I died laughing. Never. A. Dull. Moment. :)

~Michelle :-)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

20 Random Things

We have been busy busy lately! Here are 20 random goings on in the Harmon house.

1. We all dressed up like cows for cow appreciation day at chickfila (this was pre-everything that went on there in the last few weeks) we all got free food and Addie had a blast. Btw Emmie was the only cow baby in the place!

2. Got the girls some cute matching outfits. Did not get the best picture of them in the outfits. Why is it so hard to get two smiles at the same time!?

3. This baby recently turned 7 months! She has four teeth, sleeps on her tummy, rolls to travel, and giggles incessantly. She is pure JOY.

4. This little girl is OBSESSED with princess dresses right now. This particular day she was sporting Belle which is especially poofy and reminded me of a wedding dress as I strapped her in to her seat.

5. Addie finished summer camp last week! She had a wonderful time!! Lots of fun times she had!

5. Addie LOVES Lexi! We have spent a lot of time with her this summer and we can not get enough of this funny, happy, spunky little girl (or her sweeter than sugar momma!)

6. Addie loves to perform concerts for us. Every. Single. Day. We love it.

7. We got to see our Mere Bear!!!! I just think this pic is hilarious.

8. Emmie left, Mere right. Thanks to auntie hicare for the cute matching jammies.

9. Addie and Connor have also spent a lot of time together lately. We actually adore their entire family!!!

10. Ms Amy, Benjamin, and Baby Briggs (who will always be Baby Briggs even when he's 16!) finally came home! They left us for a month! Rude! We are so happy they're back :-)

11. Addie finished swim lessons! And she is a ROCKING little mermaid! We are soooo proud of her!!!! She was so scared to start and has come so far.


12. Addie is getting so big! She found this dress in her closet Friday and asked to wear it bc it's a real princess dress!

13. Mere's cousin Mary Katherine was born!!!! She's a beauty!!! What an answer to prayer that precious baby is.

14. Madelyn Claire was born! Sweet Carrie made us such a special part of the day! We are so excited she is here.

15. Pure joy. That's what this baby is.

16. Future spouses. We can hope right?

17. Sweet sisters. I mean, seriously! How lucky are they to have a built in best friend for life!?

18. Baby Mum Mum Crackers. Thank you Hicare for that....Addie never had these but Emmie thanks you daily :-)

19. She loves to stand up...sniff sniff

20. Very rare. Snuggling up on Daddy's shoulder.

Our cup runneth over! Life is good in the Harmon casa. :)

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