Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy July 4th!

We had a wonderful day filled with fun, food, and family!  I feel so blessed to share holidays like today with my sweet little family. We just love it when Daddy has days off!  Especially lately, as he has been working some LONG hard hours!  We are proud of him!
The sweetest thing happened last night between our two girls.  Emmie was having a really hard night.  She has a hard time after getting immunizations and yesterday was no exception.  She ran a low-grade fever all day and night and was just really sad.  I went up there a few times to comfort her, rub her back, and just love on her through out the night.  Last night we had both girls’ doors open to keep the air flowing on such a hot summer night.  When I went up around 5 am to check on Emmie, I was surprised to find something I was not expecting!  There was Addie asleep in the chair in Emmie’s room.  She was all curled up in a little ball. I’m guessing that because both doors were open she woke to the sound of Emerson crying, and went in there. Turns out, she had gone in there to check on her and decided to stay near her by sleeping in her chair in her room.   She told me this morning that she crawled up on the side of the crib and talked to Emmie, telling her, “I know baby, I know…it’s ok sweet girl.”  I can just hear it because she says this to her when she’s sad.  We scooped her up and put her back in her own bed, but I just have to tell you, I sat there feeding Emmie with giant tears rolling down my face.  I pray that these two girls will be the best of friends and nothing warms my heart more than knowing Addie tried to comfort Emmie in the night and then stayed near her when she was hurting…without even getting us.  Oh, be still my heart. I can’t even type this without tearing up again! 
Now, for a few July 4th pictures!
Thank you Cece for the cute All American Girl outfit that Addie wore when she was a baby and now Emmie gets to enjoy!
And thank you Ms. Amanda, for Addie’s cute festive skirt!
Emmie enjoyed hanging with Bubbie and Poppie this afternoon! Around 4 pm she finally turned a corner and started to overcome the nasty effects of those shots!
It was a great day! :)