Monday, June 18, 2012

Sun-Baby Besties :)

We had so much fun seeing Hicare, Uncle Micah and Meredith this weekend!  It’s so fun to get these babies together and watch them look at each other and interact!  It’s still hard for me to believe that these two cuties are just ten days apart!  I know they are going to have so many fun times together!! Mere is on the left and Emmie on the right in the swimsuit photos. (then it switches for the ones in the grass!)


Mere let Emmie lean on her…soooo sweet :)


I super love this one….Meredith is very animated…wonder where she gets that!? LOL!


We sure do have a fun time dressing them alike!  They make my heart happy :)


Amy Mahrer said...

Oh they are SO cute!!!

Chani said...

AHH! This is ADORABLE!! Oh, sweet Emmie! She is growing up to look just like her beautiful big sister!