Friday, June 15, 2012

Harmon Sisters ~ by: Love Fern Photos 2012

I have this super sweet friend named Kelly.  When we were in 2nd grade, we hit it off and became instant best friends.  Family changes, moves, different schools, and we lost touch.  But then about 25 years later thanks to Facebook, we reconnected!  We have SO MUCH in common still!  We can laugh and talk for hours and it’s like we never skipped a beat from being 8 years old.  I absolutely adore her and her precious little Lexi who is about 6 months older than Addie.  Kelly is such a supportive friend.  She listens with her whole heart and is so empathetic when life throws me lemons.  She has helped out so much with Addie in the last couple of years, and just brings me so much joy.  She also happens to be an INCREDIBLY talented photographer.  Kelly has a beautifully artistic touch when she gets behind the lens.  So you can imagine my excitement when she offered to take Addie’s 3 year pictures as her birthday gift!  I could not wait!  I actually took total advantage of her (so rude of me!) and asked to throw Emmie in for some shots too so that I could capture her at 5 months old.  We met at dusk one evening in a prairie of sunflowers and she began to work her magic.  She spent an hour an a half patiently working with my two little stinkers angels and then she spent even more time at home editing them and getting them ready for me.  I just CANNOT thank you enough, sweet Kelly, for capturing these moments between my girls.  I love how you captured their sass, their sweet, but mostly their LOVE for each other.  I adore you my sweet friend and thank you from the bottom of my heart!  Please check out Kelly’s website at



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Amy Mahrer said...

Uh-MAZING pictures of two Beeee-utiful girls!!!

Amanda said...

OMG....These are great! There are so many amazing pictures that perfectly capture their personalities, LOVE that! I also LOVED Emmie's 5 month post, can't believe how big our babies are getting! LOVE them and LOVE you sweet friend!

Chani said...

Holy...smokes. These are GORGEOUS!!! I love your beautiful kiddos, Michelle! Makes my heart so happy for you to see those pretty faces! I love you!