Sunday, April 15, 2012

Addie’s Big Ol’ Birthday Post!

**Warning!  This is a super long post!  Eek!!

Dear Addison,

I can hardly believe you are three years old!  It feels like just YESTERDAY that you were born!  That was such a happy day!  You came into the world and brought so much joy to your daddy and mommy and to so many others as well!  We had a wonderful time celebrating your birthday this year!  It was the first year that you REALLY got it!  It was so fun to look forward to the celebration with you.  You had fun passing out your invitations to your friends and asking them to come to your birthday party!  It was so sweet.


Let’s talk about you, my adorable little three year old!  I want you to be able to go back and read all of this later!  You are a precious little girl.  You are so beautiful on the inside and out.  You are very caring and are always taking care of others. You are a SMART little cookie!  Your personality can light up an entire room.  Along with that personality, comes a pretty strong will too!  I love being able to stay home with you each day, and we have lots of fun together.  There are some days that you make me a little crazy though because you make up your mind about something and you stick to it!  Our prayer is that God will use your super strong will to do big things for His kingdom some day!  I am so proud of how much you’ve grown and changed lately.  You are such a big girl!  You’ve been sleeping in your full sized bed for several months and are doing great in it.  Your bed time is any where from 7:30-8:00 p.m.   As for the morning, your body clock seems to wake up at about 7 am.  But….We have a “Good Nite Light” on your wall that tells you when you can get out of bed – 7:15 a.m., and you are doing better about waiting till that light says it’s a go to get up.  You are learning!  (This is an area where that strong will often comes into play!) You have just about dropped your nap too.  Most days we can still get you to fall asleep, but we have noticed that on the days when you nap you are not very tired at bedtime and lay there forever trying to go to sleep!  So, Mommy has started training you to do “rest time.”  This is about an hour and a half of quiet time in your bed…looking at books, puzzles, playing with your girls, etc.  We both need that mental break in the afternoon, even if you aren’t sleeping. :) You are also now potty trained, and have been for a couple of months!  You are so good about telling us when you need to go, and even seem to have the #2 down pretty well.  You still have occasional accidents, but your daddy and I are SO stinking proud of the progress you’ve made.  You love, love, love going to school!  You don’t even usually stop to kiss me goodbye because you are so excited to go in and play with your friends.  :) Sometimes we get notes about something that happened at school.  It usually is just because of your “exuberance” that you get into mischief!  You love to be social and you don’t really fit inside of any neat little “box.”   You talk ALL THE TIME.  It amazes me how many things you say, and sometimes your daddy and I giggle when you yell out, “Oh my goodness!”  or other really grown up things.  We had your 9 month reevaluation this week for your allergies.  You are still very allergic to peanuts and almonds, and have a mild sensitivity to dog saliva.  Your passions include: Jumping on your trampoline, going to the park, going to the mall, chicken nuggets and fries, icecream drinks, pizza, pink donuts, playing with playdough or stickers, music/singing/dancing, your baby sister, reading books, friends, “girls” (like Barbies, disney princess toys, etc.) Mickey Mouse, Bubble Guppies, Team Umizoomi, and the list goes on!  You are so full of life and spunk, and you make me smile so many times a day.  When I am away from you I miss you like crazy, when we’ve spent a LOT of time together, you drive me a little crazy, but mostly I am just crazy in love with you sweet girl!  Happy Birthday!  I love you to the moon and back!


We had a “MUSICAL” birthday party for you this year because that is your favorite thing right now!  We had a “rocker girl” theme and had a music lady come to lead you and your friends in songs and instruments!  You loved it! 





And a special thank you to your sweet Uncle Ryan for taking all of these pictures for us!!


We also had a great time celebrating your birthday at school!  You chose donut holes to take to your friends at school to celebrate!  You loved being the center of attention, and it was fun for me to see you in your school element!  You loved the special gift Mrs. Wilkins made for you and kept saying, “What it be!?  What it be!” while you were opening it! It was extra special because your actual birthday was on a school day so we got to have a mini celebration on your actual day!



I love you soooooo much!  Happy birthday to my little princess!!!



Nicole Rodriguez said...

How precious was her little party!!! You are such a good momma and I love little Miss Addie!!!

Amy Mahrer said...

I love you sweet Addie Boo! I love getting big hugs from you and your captivating eyes!!! Happy Birthday!

Chani said...

Oh, CUTE, CUTE, CUTE birthday idea! I love it! Happy Birthday to my favorite 3 year old in the world! :) She just keeps getting more gorgeous every day!

Amanda said...

Happy birthday sweet Addie, we love you! Your party was so much fun! You are a beautiful little girl inside and out and I am so blessed to have you in our lives! I hope you and Rylee stay close friends for many, many years to come!!!

Sharon said...

I LOVED that it was long.:) I feel like I got all caught up.:) Let's go walking sometime soon.:)