Thursday, March 1, 2012

Addie's Friend Connor

Addie has been talking about Connor from her class all year.
I know all kinds of things about him! She. Loves. This. Kid! So much so that when Connor's mom, Megan, had a baby girl in November I took them a meal. Well that began a friendship between Megan and myself! Last week they had us all over for a playdate. It was easy to see why Addie loves Connor. They play SO well together! He is so sweet to her...he loves on her and she loves on him back! It is the cutest thing. They played for over two hours --with-- no drama! Oh, and I happen to love his Momma too...did I mention she had a sonic vanilla diet coke for me when we arrived!? If you know me well you know that means one thing-- friends forever! Ha! :)

Keep reading for another post I made last night...2 in a week, I know...shocker!! I just might be starting to come back up for air!! :)


Amanda said...

So sweet!

Chani said...

Oh, Miss Addie... so adorable with her buddy! I need to see those girls again soon!!