Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Addie's First Visit to the ER

Have to document this tonight before it gets away from me!!

Well we had an exciting morning!! After I dropped my little sweetie at school today I headed back home. As soon as I walked in the door I received a call from her director. My heart dropped when I saw the number pop up!! I could also hear my baby crying in the background! Apparently Addie's sweet friend Connor gave her such a fierce hug that she fell backwards and hit her head on the tile! (isn't that sweet!? He loves her!!) She immediately started throwing up and became lethargic. They said she threw up a few times. I called Dr. G and he said go straight to ER. I was so scared! As I was running out the door my phone rang. My sweet Carol prayed with me on the phone...what a God thing. I needed that!! I picked up a sad little girl and off we went. (Of course it was time for Emmie to eat, all at the same time!!) Daddy met us at children's hospital ER and she was seen right away. The Dr determined within 5 min that she was totally fine! He did some alert tests on her and felt really good about sending us home to just watch her for the day. So we headed home. Praising God it was not more serious!! :)

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Amanda said...

Super scary! So happy she is ok! That's one tough little girl :0)

Amy Mahrer said...

No more scares Addie Boo! And like I said yesterday, this will be a great story for their rehearsal dinner in 25 years :)

Alicia Brunson said...

So glad she is okay!

Chani said...

This made my heart drop!!! Poor Addie! I'm SO glad she is doing well. I miss you girls!