Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Two Sweet Months!

Dearest Emerson,

I can hardly believe you are already 2 months old!  Where has the time gone?  You are a precious little angel baby.  You are so sweet and so happy!  You bring so much joy to our lives.  You have started to coo and smile a lot at us.  We all love to talk to you and try to make you smile!  I took you to your 8 week appointment on Monday and you weigh 11 lbs. 2 oz.!  You are really growing!  Your height is up to 21.5 inches.  I just cannot believe you are getting so big!  You still have two hemangeomas, or as I like to call them, strawberries.  One big one is on your neck and a smaller one is on the side of your head.  Dr. G is not worried at all about these spots and says they will go away on their own by the time you are 3 or 4. You also still have a clogged tear duct that you have had since you were 1 week.  Dr. G prescribed some antibiotic drops which will hopefully help with that. You had some shots and that made you really sad.  You had a much harder time that I expected with them, running fever well into the next day, and just feeling overall grumpy. That is so not like you because you are usually so HAPPY and easy going! You have had lots of visitors and playdates lately.  It’s so fun to introduce you to the world.  We are all so proud that you are our baby!  You have decided that you do not like bottles and will hardly drink any milk from one.  This is an obstacle we are working on because Mommy can’t always be right there when you need her! And because Daddy likes to feed you too! You are sleeping 7-9 hours at night.  At 7 pm you eat, have a bath, and go to bed.  Then we do a dream-feed at about 10 pm.  From there, you sleep all night.  Sometimes you wake at 5, 6, or even 7!  A couple of times I have had to wake you up at 7:30 a.m. to start your day.  This is so exciting!  We are so grateful to Babywise/Prep for Parenting for equipping us with the plan we have used for you and Addie.  Thank you for the sleep, Sweet Girl!  :0) You went through a really ravenous growth spurt at 6 weeks old and ate SO MUCH!  We can definitely see your growth from that time!  I feel like you are already changing so much.  When I look back at the pictures from when you were born, it makes me cry!  I am so happy you are growing and you are healthy, but I would love for you to be my little snuggly baby forever! 



2 Month Photo Shoot!


Aunt Renee and Uncle Jeremy gave you this little shirt for Christmas.  I couldn’t wait for you to fit in it!  You really were my favorite Christmas gift this year!


Your big sister loves to read to you.  You just lay there and listen so happily….


You got a surprise visit from your bestie, Meredith last week.  Mommy and Aunt Hicare sure have fun dressing you girls up for pictures.


You made a new friend, named Kathryn last week. She is three months older than you.


You had fun playing with your boyfriend, Eli too.


Of course the big sisters wanted to jump in for a picture! They are so proud of their babies!

Aunt Hillie and Landry came over on Saturday! It was so fun to see them!


Aunt Hillie was at the hospital the morning you were born!  I think it’s amazing to compare the picture of you from that day to now.

2 months ago…




Addie gave you her beloved “Girl” to take a photo before church the other night….


It was so difficult to get a picture with BOTH of your eyes open! This was the best I could do!



And last but not least, today I got a picture of your BEAUTFIUL smile with my phone!!!!


Emerson Claire, you are our joy, our happiness, our LOVE!  Happy 2 month birthday Angel Baby!


Alyson said...

Happy 2 Months, precious girl! We love you!

Amy Mahrer said...

Love her and that sweet smile!!!

Amanda said...

Happy 2 months sweet Emmie, we LOVE you!