Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lots of Lovin!

We have been very busy lately!  Emerson has had lots of fun meeting people that love her so much, and her big sister enjoys showing her off to everyone!


We had dinner at Nana and Leelee’s and Emmie got to meet her Great Papa Jinks. 

4 Generations!




Bubbie and Poppie came over for a Sunday afternoon visit!  They babysat both girls so Mommy and Daddy could run some errands.



It was so exciting to get to see Hicare and Baby Meredith last week!  We have waited for this moment since December 16th when sweet Meredith was born!  Emerson loved getting snuggles from her Auntie Hicare, as you can see below, and I was SO HAPPY to finally hold her sweet baby. We were blessed to spend two days with them last week!  What a treat!


BFF’s!…how cute are they!!?  Emmie on the left and Meredith on the right.



Addie was soooo happy to hold baby Meredith!  We have enjoyed facetiming with her so it was neat to get to see her and snuggle her!



Emerson loved hanging out with Hicare. Mommy cried when our time was over.



On Saturday morning these three snuggled like this for a long time….



Wearing a sweet outfit from Aunt Hillie….



Saturday night Emerson attended church for the first time!  She loved Hope just like us!  When we told Addie we were going to church she said, “I will see all of my friends, eat animal crackers, sing songs, dance, pray, and do a craft.” Then she wanted to know if Emmie could go to her class too.  It was so sweet!



Oh, and this was not such a proud Mom moment this past week.  Addie got into my makeup and colored her face. EEK! I showed her how UGLY it was in the mirror!  We’ll see if the message sank in. 



Thanks for reading!  I sure love the daily adventures of being a momma to these two girls! (well…99.9% of the time I love it! ha!! it keeps me on my toes, that’s for sure!)

Love to all!

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