Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Month of Firsts!

My friend Carol has a new blog, and I am so excited about it!  You can check it out here She made a post last week of her sweet baby’s “firsts” and I loved that!  So, I am doing the same!  We have had a wonderful month of firsts with our sweet Emerson!  Here are a few!


But before we begin, one LAST picture in Mommy’s tummy!


First time to see the world!  And Mommy and Daddy’s  Faces!


First exam…


First time to meet Big Sister…


First snuggles with Nana


First hold by Aunt Lee Lee


First time to be loved on by Bubbie


First snuggle with Uncle Ryan


First Nap with Poppie


First admiration from Uncle Thomas


First time to meet Grandpa and Cece!


First Hearing Test


First Car Ride


First time to arrive HOME!

First time in bouncy seat


First Dr. Appointment with our beloved Dr. G (at 2 weeks old)



First Bath!  She loved it!




First time to get all fancy!


First time to….well, I just liked this picture!  :)


First trip to the park


First Picnic


Happy 1 Month Birthday Sweet Girl! You have blessed us all with so MUCH JOY this month!  You are the sweetest, most precious little baby!  We love you!!!


(Be sure to check out another new post below!  I know!  Two in one night!  Crazy!!)

The Best Big Sister Ever!

I wanted to make a post to document some sweet things I want to remember about Addie’s first month as a big sister.  She is so incredibly sweet to her baby sister and loves to help in any way she can.  I love this little story from the day Emmie was born.  So I have been told that when Brandon came out to the waiting room to share the exciting news, everyone gathered around to hear about Emerson, and Addie was right there listening.  Brandon shared her weight, length, and details from the birth.  As soon as he finished, Addie said, “Ok Daddy!  Now let’s go to Sonic and get ice!”  LOL!  Her favorite thing in the world right now is a cup of ice from Sonic.  We thought it was so funny that she was like, ‘Ok…glad baby is here…now let’s go get a treat!’


The super cute big sis…. (Who will be THREE in just two months!  Can you believe it!? I can’t!)


So, Addie has given Emerson a nickname and we have NO IDEA where it came from!  She calls her “Little Feather.”  Just out of the blue one day she started saying “Hi Little Feather…”  She is so funny!


Chilling in Mommy’s hospital bed….making a phone call on the tv/lights remote.


When we got home from the hospital she greeted us with the sweetest hugs!!



We brought a new baby home with us for her when we brought Emerson home.  She named her new baby Emerson….she has loved caring for her baby while I have been caring for mine.



She got to hold Emmie right after we arrived.



She sometimes thinks SHE is the baby lately…


Feeding HER Emerson a bottle…


“I’m just watching her Mommy!” (Thank you Landry for loaning us your swing!!)


She loves to ask Brandon and me if we want to hold “both girls.”  It’s her favorite time…



After 6 weeks of trying to keep a bandage on Addie’s face to heal her skin infection, she decided her little sister needed a bandage too the other day!  She makes us LAUGH!



We love our new stroller and have been to the park a few times!  Yesterday when we were walking we saw a family with a toddler, a baby, and a dog. She said “Mommy, we just have a little sister, right!?”  (No dog…)  It was so cute to watch her processing our situation!



I am convinced she is watching everything!  She asked me the other day if she could give her baby a bath right after I bathed Emmie.  It was really sweet watching her give her baby a bath.  She was so soothing and motherly.  She even wrapped her up in a towel so she wouldn’t be cold when the bath was over.  I could hear her saying, “I know it’s cold baby…Mommy’s gonna get you warm.” 


Addie had PJ day at school on Thursday.  When I asked to take her picture, she wanted me to take it with her baby sister.  So here they are!


This particular day was her first time to be taken to school by Mommy and Emerson.  She was SUPER excited about this and could hardly wait to show Emmie to her teacher.  Here we are in the parking lot all ready to go in.  We do not travel lightly, but we do travel in STYLE!  :)


She loves to ask me to hold “both girls”….and how can I resist?  Sorry for the picture of me pre-shower! Ha!



And here was their first bath “together.”  I am sure the first of many!  Emerson was less than thrilled but Big Sister was super excited!!



She has had her moments this month, but for the most part, we think she has adjusted VERY well to her baby sister.  She loves her so much and wants to take care of her.  She does not like it when Emerson cries.  She says to her, “ I know sweet girl, I know.”  She also asks me to get her and hold her so she will stop crying.  It just melts my heart!  It’s been fun to see her in action this month as Emmie’s big sister!  She loves her LITTLE FEATHER! :)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Newborn Photos

We are blessed to have a wonderful photographer and friend named Chrissy!  She graciously took photos of Emmie and our family when she was only 8 days old!  She spent HOURS working to capture the best shots of our little girl and I am sure many more hours editing the photos after the shoot!  If you are needing photos for any reason, please check her out!  You can visit her website by clicking here, or email her directly at  Here are some of our favorites from the session!! I can’t even look at these pictures without tearing up!  So blessed to be the momma to these sweet little girls!

IMG_3184IMG_3206 bwIMG_3216 bwIMG_3233IMG_3252IMG_3270 bw2IMG_3276IMG_3287 No FlagsIMG_3302IMG_3304IMG_3355IMG_3372IMG_3392IMG_3432IMG_3501IMG_3506IMG_3538IMG_3352IMG_3358IMG_3444IMG_3465IMG_3523