Friday, December 23, 2011

Our Last Week as a Family of Three!

We have had such a fun week with Brandon off work!  We have tried really hard to do some fun things with Addie since we know next week her world is going to be turned upside down!  It has been so nice to just play with Addie and enjoy her.


Some of our fun has been….


Playing with gifts from sweet friends like this matching alphabet set from the Cannons…


Playing with playdough from Sharon and Hillary….


Listening to REAL Christmas carolers on our porch!!


Making rice krispie houses (instead of gingerbread houses)


Eating more icing and sprinkles than we put on the houses…. ha ha


Enjoying some Christmas shows….


Playing in the Toy Wonderland at Neiman Marcus Dallas…


Looking at the window displays in downtown Dallas….


Having a fun dinner with good friends….


Organizing and checking things off our lists…


Eating yummy treats….


Park time!


And looking at Christmas Lights in Deerfield!


I have also loved reading to Addie a lot this week, especially her “I’m a Big Sister” Book!  So much to look forward to, but so much change too!  I’m ready!  :) Let’s do this!!

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Alyson said...

So excited for you've been on my mind every day!! Praying for you guys to have a great last Christmas of 3, and that God will give you strength for Little Miss Miracle that is coming soon! Can't wait to meet her! And Addie is going to be such a great big sister!! Love you all...Merry Christmas!!