Wednesday, December 21, 2011

First Haircut, School Christmas Party, & A Surprise Shower!


Well, we took the plunge! We cut my baby girl’s hair for the first time!  It was getting really long, and unfortunately the ends were all baby hair, so they were scraggly and a little hard to comb through.  We took her to a cute little kids’ haircut place locally called Sharkey’s and she got to sit in a hot pink Barbie jeep while her hair was cut.  At first she was not too happy about it all (as you can see in the pictures) but after a few minutes she calmed down and realized that this could be fun!



Before the cutting began….




After her haircut the lady took her to a special room to have her nails painted. She chose purple for one hand and blue for the other.  Then they did some glitter art on her face.  She thought she was something else!



Checking out her new “do” and face art in the mirror…


It didn’t take her long to find the microphone and bust out a little song!


Before we left we took some pictures out front of her with her new haircut.  She was really excited.  We cut about 3.5 inches off!!


Modeling the back….




On Thursday we had her Christmas Party at preschool.  It is always so fun for me to see her in that element.  She was precious and so happy to have me there! 
We started by making a craft together, it was a “Baby Jesus” in the form of a stuffed sock placed in a paper bag manger.  She loved making it, and we had fun together.


So proud of her Baby Jesus.  This year we particularly love the way she says Mary is Jesus’ Mommy and JOFAS (her version of Joseph) is Jesus’ Daddy.


Addie’s sweet friend Ben and his mommy Ms. Amy…Addie sure loves these guys!!


Sweet, sweet Baby Briggs was having fun with Ben’s manger bag.  This little guy is the happiest baby you’ve ever seen!  Addie could eat him up!


Showing Ms. Amy her Baby Jesus…


Praying Hands before snacks….


We did this neat activity where they placed their ornament picture of themselves on the baby Jesus as a symbol of “giving themselves to Him.”  Addie was first and was so excited to go up in front of everyone and put her ornament on the manger.  She put it SMACK on top of his face, which we all laughed at.  If you look at the manger behind her you can see her ornament over his eyes, mouth and nose.  I guess Baby Jesus doesn’t need to see, because Addie is all up in his business!  It made me giggle, but she was so proud, that it just melted my heart.



Finally, on Thursday afternoon Brandon’s boss called an important meeting and he didn’t know what it was about.  He showed up to a conference room and they had put together a surprise shower for him!  They had gifts and cupcakes and drinks!  He was so surprised!  He actually sat and opened all the gifts in front of them all and even wrote his own thank you notes that night to pass out the following day!  It was such a sweet surprise!  The guy in the striped polo got him a container of baby powder called “Baby’s Anti Monkey Butt.”  But the funny part?  He crossed out Baby’s on the package and replaced it with Brandon’s.  So he got a container of “Brandon’s anti monkey butt.”  HILARIOUS! We are so grateful to his coworkers for stocking our diapers and wipes stash for baby Emerson!  Here is the ONE picture I got from the shower.  He is is such a cutie!

Brandon SHower

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Hillary said...

What great coworkers to have a "man" shower! Love it!! And LOVE the haricut pics! What a cutie pie!!! I can't believe you cut so much and it was still long! So pretty!! What precious party pics! What a special time to share together! Sorry my comments have been lacking on the blog! I always read the posts on my email and they make my day, but have forgotten later to go back and comment! But know I'm always looking and saying "AAAAAWWWWWWW"!!!! Love you friend!!!