Monday, December 5, 2011

Family Photos!

A few weeks ago we had some family photos/maternity photos taken by our wonderful photographer, Chrissy!  She does amazing work, you can check out her site here:

I tried really hard to narrow down the photos to just a few, but I love them all, so I had a hard time! 

Family 240Family 229Family 066Family 074Family 075 copyFamily 081Family 096Family 021Family 107Family 124Family 142Family 144Family 148Family 159Family 193Family 198Family 202Family 245Family 256Family 288Family 295


Chani said...

How gorgeous!! I love them all!!!! :-) Your hair is so pretty short and styled, and Addie's hair is so long and pretty! Oh how I miss you!! Beautiful, beautiful, Michelle!! Xoxo, Chani :)

Amy Mahrer said...

Oh I love them all!!! Just beautiful!!!

Lindsay said...

It's so hard to pick my favorite because they're all so gorgeous!!

Amanda said...

I am glad I don't have to pick! They turned out fabulous!