Sunday, December 11, 2011

Emerson’s Nursery!

We are about done with Emerson’s nursery!  I am so happy with how it all turned out!  I think she’s going to love it!  There are so many touches to the room to make it special and unique for her, that we thought long and hard about.  There are also so many people represented that love her dearly in this room! 

The curtains were made by me, her Momma out of Ikea fabric that I found this summer.  The pillow in the chair was a special gift from her Bubbie and the puppy dog and blankie on the chair were thoughtful gifts from our sweet friend Donna. My friend Emily made her the blanket on the changing table.  It is crocheted on the back, so soft!


The BEAUTIFUL letters on the wall were made by my precious friend Amanda, and Grandpa and Cece paid for this project to happen!! 



The crib skirt was handmade with love by Emmie’s Nana and turned out amazing!


The tree was applied to the wall by her daddy, and let me assure you, he took lots of time making sure it was perfect!  He even chose the placement of all the birds and owls!  I think he did a beautiful job!



The sweet blankies in her crib were a gift from Bubbie and Poppie as well, and they are extra special because they are very similar to some that Addie has loved the last few years!

The Minnie in the crib was a gift to her from Brandon after a trip to CA this past fall.  He went to Downtown Disney and picked out the sweet lullaby “My First Minnie” for her since her big sis loves Minnie so much.  I think she’s so sweet!


The beautiful chandelier is an incredibly thoughtful gift from “Hicare” (Aunt Carol)  and Uncle Micah.  We just love how it illuminates the room and reminds of their sweet friendship (and their sweet baby girl who could share the same birthday with Emmie!)


This is the verse we chose for Emerson’s wall and her daddy put it up tonight!  I think it’s a very powerful reminder that we are CHOSEN!   She is so special and was formed by HIM, set apart by HIM!



Thank you to all of you for making her room such a special place, so full of love.  I can’t wait for her to come home and see her room! 

And last night, Brandon took this belly picture of me before his work Christmas party, two weeks to go and counting down!!


Love to all!


Amanda said...

Love, love, love E's nursery! She has such a stylish room to be calling home. You look amazing, love that shirt!

addiebharmon said...

Love it! Can't wait to see it in person and you look AMAZING!! - Kelly

Amanda said...

I LOVED this post, so sweet! Emmie is already so loved by so many people and it shows in all the special things in her room, and I so happy I was a part of it!!! You look AMAZING and I love your shirt =)

Chani said...

Her room is perfect, Michelle!! I looove it! Great color choices too- so creative! I cannot wait to meet her and see how Miss Addie is around her baby sister! Please let me know if you need anything at all. I'm praying for you guys!! Love you! :-)

Amy Mahrer said...

Love her room! Love all the little touches. She is one lucky little girl!!!

Alyson said...

Oh what a beautiful job you have ALL done on Emmie's room! I absolutely love each detail, especially the verse! It is just perfect! Can't wait to see her enjoying all of the love that went into her room!

Super cute belly! You look amazing!

erickson family said...

michelle! you look beautiful! i love emerson's room. so funny to see a crib at the hightest point of height again! :)love you!