Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Baby Emmie’s Sprinkle

My sweet friends at church threw a sprinkle to celebrate Emerson on Sunday night and it was so much fun!  They decorated with red, lime green, and hot pink for the holidays and baby girl, which was so cute!  They made a ton of yummy desserts, and even planned fun games to play!  I had such a fun evening celebrating my new little miracle.  Addie was so much fun too.  She helped me open gifts and even received some of her own!  She had spent the weekend at her Bubbie and Poppie’s house (so wonderful!!!) so it was my first time to see her in a couple of days.  She was dressed up in a new adorable outfit (thanks Bubbie!!) and was so excited to come to the “party!”  She’s really getting into this baby stuff, I can’t wait to see her in action as a big sister! 

My friend Tara made this diaper cake and embroidered the layers with “Sweet Baby Emmie”…isn’t that so sweet!?




Yummy cake balls Emily made!!



Addie and Rylee working HARD  on their pages for the ABC book that all of the guests worked to create!  CANNOT wait to see this finished product!


Friends tasting/smelling baby food for the fun game!


Bunch of pretty girls!…


My sweet little stylish girl…..  (that night when I said, “You look so cute!” she said, “Mommy, I not cute, I stylish!”  Ha ha!

I received a wonderful gift from my mother in law, Vivian!  She made our cribskirt for Emerson’s bed!! It looks amazing!  Almost ready to post pictures of her room!!


Also, I was so touched to receive another special gift!  My sweet stepmom, Julie had these blankets made/embroidered for Emerson and they are very similar to some she had made for Addie a few years ago!  The one in this picture is from Caden Lane, and I just love it!  She also got her a bunny blankie just like Addie’s and a special pillow with her name on it!  So thoughtful!


I also received a special surprise, when a gift was given to me from Carol, all the way from Houston!  She shipped it directly to the party!  So sweet!  LOVE this little dress!!



Addie was excited to open a few big sister gifts too!


My precious friend Alyson and me….


So incredibly blessed by the evening! I received so many wonderful things!  I love all of these women so much and thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for hosting this party for us!!!


Alyson said...

So glad you had a good time!! We all sure had fun planning it for you! I'm hoping to have the ABC book for you Friday night!!

Love you!

Lindsay said...

You look so beautiful, Michelle (as always)! I can't wait to meet Emmerson- you're getting so close!

erickson family said...

wish i could have been there!!!!!!!