Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Wonderful Week!

We have had a wonderful week this past week!  Brandon was off with us and it was so fun to be together all week.  He is such a big help with Addie and around the house, I am so lucky!  I took naps, did some holiday crafting, and just enjoyed him being here.


On Monday, Addie and I were so excited to have a visit from Auntie Hilly and Landry!  It was so great to see them and catch up!  Addie had fun showing Landry her “tangerine” (trampoline) that her Bubbie and Poppie gave her as an early Christmas present!

He is so cute I could just eat him up!


For Thanksgiving, we went to my dad and Julie’s house and celebrated with a DELICIOUS meal!  We were so stuffed!  Addie had a great time running around, being silly, and skipping her nap!  Nana and Leelee joined us over there, it was nice to see them on Thanksgiving too!


Addie had a special setup to eat her lunch…what a little princess.


After we ate lunch, Addie had to help check out the sale ads for Black Friday….


And she got to take a fun bath in the SUPER bath tub!


She had Thanksgiving jammies to wear that evening too. :) They say “Thankful for Mommy”


We also decorated for Christmas this weekend!  We kept it very minimal this year due to the fact that Emerson is due one month from today and honestly I didn’t have the energy to put out all 12 tubs of decorations (nor did I expect to feel like putting it all away in a month.)


So, we started with the most important thing to put out….and Addie got to open an early Christmas gift from Hicare and Uncle Micah, her very own Little People Nativity Scene!  It is so precious, and she loves it!  I want her to understand that the ONLY reason we celebrate Christmas is because our SAVIOR was born on that day long ago.  It’s really, really important to us.  Last year Hicare and Uncle Micah gave her the Innkeeper Little People set and she played with it this weekend too!  I am working to teach her the Christmas story, and it warms my heart to see her loving and playing with these little Biblical figurines.  Thanks Carol & Micah for the wonderful gift!! This is ALL that matters!


We also decorated our tree, which she loved this year.  It’s amazing to see the difference in one year!  She was totally into it and wanted to help hang ornaments.


And Addie got to put the star on top when we were finished!


She is getting so big and just has so much joy to share!  When I ask her to say cheese for the camera, she does things like this now:


Silly little girl.

I am so blessed!  I love my little family so much!  I can’t believe how close we are to seeing Emerson’s face!  The countdown is on!

Merry CHRISTmas!

Love, Michelle

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Nicole Rodriguez said...

I just love your precious family! Can't wait to see what Emmie looks like!