Saturday, October 22, 2011

Baby Girl 30 Week Update

I felt like it was high time for an update on the sweet baby girl growing in my tummy.  OH MY WORD she is growing!  I am not sure how we are going to make it 2 more months!  My belly is so tight and she is so cramped!  I don’t know which direction she will stretch in next!  I am feeling lots better than I was, with the exception of a few sick days a week.  Other than that I am just really tired all of the time!  It’s a whole different ball game this time around, chasing little miss Addie and keeping up with her daily life while toting this extra weight around!  I feel so blessed every time I feel her move…she moves a LOT more than Addie did.  Sometimes it feels like she is literally doing flips in my belly!  We had such a hard time deciding on what her name was going to be, even though Addie decided several weeks ago it would be Emerson.  Just out of the blue, she started calling the baby in my tummy “Baby Emerson.”  We thought it was so cute.  For me, it was so sweet that it made me ready to commit to Emerson.  For Brandon he still needed time.  On Saturday evening, October 1st, we were laying in bed watching TV.  Addie was long asleep.  Brandon talks to my belly every night to get her to move for him. He decided to ask her what she wanted her name to be.  He explained that he was going to say both names and which ever one she reacted to would be her name!  So, he said “Baby Olivia are you there?”  She did NOTHING.  Then he said “Baby Emerson are you there?”  And she went crazy flipping and kicking.  So at that moment, we both smiled really big and decided…Emerson Claire Harmon it would be.  The next big decision was how we would spell her shortened name.  (Everyone knows we are all about shortened names!)  With help from Facebook (LOL) we decided on Emmie, because it is just like Addie and that makes it easy to remember.  Besides, my teacher friends all agreed that it was phonetically accurate and that’s important to me!  So it’s official.  Emerson Claire or Emmie will be our sweet baby girl’s name and we are so excited to actually call her by name now.  We have been working on her room, but still have some things left to do.  I will wait to post pictures until it’s finished.  It’s very different from Addie’s room, but I love the change.  I am excited to get it finished up.  I made her drapes, we have a tree on her wall, now I just need to make the crib skirt, and we need her name on the wall.  I have been working the last few weeks on getting all of her clothes washed and put away, as well as the bouncy seat, bottles, etc.  It’s very surreal that in 9 weeks or less we will really have another baby in this house.  I have enjoyed looking at all of the things Addie wore and dreaming about Emmie wearing them.  I can hardly believe I am 30 weeks already!  This pregnancy is going much faster than my first did, in my mind.  I am so excited about all that is to come! After doing lots and lots of laundry for Addie and Emmie the other night, I asked Brandon to take “The Girls’ Clothes” upstairs and he just stopped and smiled really big… and then pointed out that this was the first of many times that we will refer to them as our “Girls”…he just loved that.  I loved it too! :)

Addie loves to talk about the baby in my tummy and touch my belly. (She also loves to tell me that Baby Emerson is in her tummy)  In fact, when friends come over I think she is more excited to show them “Baby Emerson’s Room” than her own room.  She will sometimes put her hand on my tummy (after pulling up my shirt) and just leave her hand there while she watches a show, waiting to feel the baby move.  I took a picture from my perspective the other day.


I still don’t think she really has a clue what is to come, but it’s fun to watch her trying to figure it all out!

And I can’t make a post about my baby without thinking about the sweet friends I have who are trying so hard to have babies right now.  I just want to you girls to know (and you know who you are) that I am praying for you every single day.  I know that God knows the desires of your heart and you will have babies soon!  It truly burdens my heart, and I want you know it is always on my mind. 

I hope the words of this verse can encourage you today,
But those who trust in the LORD will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.  Isaiah 40:31

Love you all,


Amy Mahrer said...

I LOVE how Addie watches tv with her hand on Emmie! So sweet! She's going to be such a good big sister :)

Alyson said...

Love the name, the nickname, and that the girls are already buddies!! So adorable that Addie watches tv with her hand on your tummy! Must just melt your heart! Love you, friend!

Amanda said...

So sweet, LOVE that pic!!! You should frame it and put in Emmie's room!