Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day of School

Addie had a WONDERFUL first day of school!  Her teacher said she was so excited to be at school and kept saying, “Addie is having fun at school!” Her daily report said that she ate “some” of her lunch, and “slept” at naptime.  Woo hoo! I tried really hard to get some pictures before we left this morning but she was not in the mood to cooperate.  This first one is not a great shot of her, but I wanted to compare to last year in this same spot, since she is using the same back pack.

Today, September 6, 2011:



Now, to compare…..One Year Ago, September 5, 2010:

(LOOK AT THOSE CHEEKS!  Where did those go!?)



We had to make a pit stop in the hall to fix a pony tail, and of course I snapped a quick photo, but still no smile….


When we got to school she took off running for her class, and I had to stop her to give me a kiss!  She was excited to go!


She spotted her teacher, Mrs. Wilkins, and the rest was history.


I had a great day of sewing and a doctor’s appointment, but I was sure missing her and so excited for 2:00 to roll around so I could go get her.  When I arrived at the door this is what I found:


Amy invited us to go get ice cream with them after school! She is starting this tradition with Ben—ice cream after school on the first day of school.  Addie LOVED this tradition!


It was a great first day!!!  We are really excited about this school year!!


Amy Mahrer said...

Wow! The change in the 1 and 2 year first day pics is crazy! She has grown up so much. Glad Ben had Addie to experience this with!

erickson family said...

love the cheek comparisons!!! that is hilarious. :) where did our wrinkly babies go??! :)