Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sweet Addie

Sweet Addie,
Happy 2.5 years (almost!) You are a precious little girl with such a sweet heart! There is nothing I love more than being your momma! You surprise me every day with the things you say and do. I was beside myself the other day when I overheard you singing Jesus Loves Me during room time...I didn't even know you knew that song! Some of the things you say right now that make me smile:

-I'll be riiiiigggghhht back!
-I'm going to run errands.
-I'm going to run to Target
-I need to go to the post office
-what are you doing?--it's cute the first 100 times anyway! :)
-How bout ....? You are a little negotiator!
-I like that song
-What happened???
-Where'd daddy go?
-I'm excited
-I had fun at.... (school, park, etc)

You sing all of the time and you giggle a lot! In the mornings you wait at your gate for me and when I round the corner you say, "good morning mommy!!!"

Sweet Addie, you are also every bit of 2 1/2! You test me a lot these days! I am worn out most of the time from carrying your baby sister in my tummy and chasing you around. I know it's just a phase but my goodness, you can destroy a room in 30 seconds flat!! Sometimes you are difficult to please, telling me you want one thing and then changing your mind again and again!! You love to have no clothes on, we are working on where that is/is not appropriate. You are still into EVERYTHING!!!

I also love that you have settled on a name for our new baby. When asked you say her name is Baby Emerson. We will see if you are right!!!

You are curious, and can't get enough of my make-up! You are also kind. You recently comforted a little girl in your Sunday school class that was crying. You told her, "It's ok, your mommy be right back!" You are out-going, telling everyone we walk by on the way into school, "good morning!" You are strong-willed---and prefer to do most things by yourself. You are a lover though. You kiss my belly all of the time and give hugs to anyone who asks without abandon.

I can't believe you are almost 2 1/2! I will never forget the first moment I held you in my arms. You melted me then and still melt me now!

Love you to the moon & back,

Just a few pictures....

You love to change your baby's diaper.

You love to dress yourself...

You give silly grins...

You love to put on my shoes...

Favorite place is still the park

You love to play with Playdough

You went on a run with Daddy this week and fell asleep in the stroller! You look so big here!

Love you sweet girl!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Cece's Visit

My mom came to stay with us last week while Brandon was gone to DC. We had a great time!! I didn't take a ton of pictures, but here are a few! There was lots of girl time which we love!!

Thank you for coming Cece! We love you!!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day of School

Addie had a WONDERFUL first day of school!  Her teacher said she was so excited to be at school and kept saying, “Addie is having fun at school!” Her daily report said that she ate “some” of her lunch, and “slept” at naptime.  Woo hoo! I tried really hard to get some pictures before we left this morning but she was not in the mood to cooperate.  This first one is not a great shot of her, but I wanted to compare to last year in this same spot, since she is using the same back pack.

Today, September 6, 2011:



Now, to compare…..One Year Ago, September 5, 2010:

(LOOK AT THOSE CHEEKS!  Where did those go!?)



We had to make a pit stop in the hall to fix a pony tail, and of course I snapped a quick photo, but still no smile….


When we got to school she took off running for her class, and I had to stop her to give me a kiss!  She was excited to go!


She spotted her teacher, Mrs. Wilkins, and the rest was history.


I had a great day of sewing and a doctor’s appointment, but I was sure missing her and so excited for 2:00 to roll around so I could go get her.  When I arrived at the door this is what I found:


Amy invited us to go get ice cream with them after school! She is starting this tradition with Ben—ice cream after school on the first day of school.  Addie LOVED this tradition!


It was a great first day!!!  We are really excited about this school year!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Meet the Teacher 2011

We are so excited about a new year in Sonshine School! Addie has a few friends from last year in her class, as well as her friend Ben! We are soooo happy her teacher from last year, Mrs. Wilkins, moved up to the two's and we got her again! She is THE BEST!! We had Meet the Teacher this morning. Addie was super fired up!!

My big girl walking in....

Reunion! Best teacher ever!

(Addie told me in the car that she was going to give Mrs. Wilkins a BIG hug and she did! Right away!)

Listening to a story...

Playing with Ben & Ms. Amy (whom she also loves to give big hugs!)

It's going to be a fun year!! :)