Sunday, August 7, 2011

A little of this, a little of that

Addie and I have been very busy girls this summer! Here's a random little post of stuff we've been up to!

We got to have lunch with CHANI! It was great to see our precious friend and catch up!

We have enjoyed a little park time, but only before 8:30 am.

We met Aunt Hillie and Landry at Ikea! Addie was beyond excited to see her man!

We got to play with the Steiner twins! Addie calls them "willjack"... Like they are one unit! Can you believe they will be one in less than a month??!! They are so stinking cute!

We have had so much fun with Lexi this summer! I need to make a separate post all about that. These girls are two peas in a pod! They play SO WELL together!

Sewing! I have been SEW busy sewing!!! Here are a few projects!

Addie and I have enjoyed eating breakfast on the back patio. It's still nice in the early morning.

My mom got this little blue outfit for her and I love it! The shorts creep up so you can't see them but who can resist those little legs?! Not me!

Looks like Rylee's bed head fairy paid a visit to Addie one night.... :)

Happy girl! Thanks Hicare for the cute outfits you sent! You spoil us!

Here's a baby bump picture....growing fast! I've started to feel her move, which I LOVE!

You may have to click on this one to see, but I love to watch het play during independent room time, especially when she doesn't know I'm watching.

Another room time adventure.... Trying on clothes! Excuse the mess, she cleans it up at the end of the time.

Eating at the bar! She looks so big to me!

My friend Amy took this picture of Addie this week and it melts me!

We got to play with Ben this week! This little boy is a doll! He is so sweet and so much fun.

I am trying to do learning time with Addie now and on this particular day we worked on fine motor skills. She rocked this activity!

Showing off her new sparkly shoes from cece!

And finally last night, waiting on a "no cone" :) thank you Ms Kristen for the fun mermaid dress! She loves it!

My heart is full! Love being momma to this little girl!


Amanda said...

Such a fun, sweet post! I absolutley love the picture of her showing her sparkly shoes and the "no cone"!!!

Hillary said...

My favorite is the one with her spark;y shoes too! They are all cute! Landry and Addie do look especially cute together!!!!

Hillary said...

Oh my other favorite is of baby little sister! You look great!!

Amy Mahrer said...

The shoes are great! Thanks for letting Ben play, he loves Addie and loves the pink sand :)

Chani said...

Oh, the sparkly shoes picture!!!! It actually made me say, "Awwww" out loud! Love you girls!! :) so happy I made the post! I feel so special to be in a picture with my favorite Little Miss! :-)

Lindsay said...

Ok, Laine definitely needs some of your handmade DDD wear!! Love it! And Addie is such a beauty! It looks like ya'll had lots of fun this summer!