Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hello hospital…goodBYE hospital!

We’ve been very busy lately! I wanted to take a minute to document a little event from a week ago so I don’t forget about it!

Last Wednesday Addie was at my friend Kelly’s house and so I was home alone. I felt really dizzy all morning. I was so dizzy that I felt as though I might pass out or fall over at any point. I decided to call my doctor to ask about what he thought. My hope was that he would say, “You need to eat some _______ to get a certain source of nutrition.” But nope. That is not what he said. He said….. “Go straight to Labor and Delivery at the hospital and do not drive yourself.” I thought this sounded so silly! I told the nurse that was over the top and she explained that he was concerned it could be my blood pressure or the baby pressing on a major artery. I called Brandon to tell him what I had been told and how silly I thought it was. He did not agree with me. He instantly walked out of a meeting, drove home, and took me straight to the hospital. Kelly was so sweet to agree to keep Addie as long as we needed. I was so scared and emotional! I tried really hard to not cry a river but that was what I wanted to do. They checked me in, had me put on a hospital gown, and ran several tests. The baby was totally fine. Her heartbeat was strong, there were no contractions, and the nurse kept saying, “We are not having a baby today.” I thought it was really sweet because she knows no one likes to be in a L&D room at 22 weeks! After about an hour and a half the diagnosis came. An inner ear infection! That was it! It was causing me to be off balance and feel dizzy! So thankful it was nothing serious. Also so thankful for my ‘knight in shining armor husband’ and precious friend Kelly for being so good to me!

We are not any closer to a name for our sweet girl. I am beginning to wonder if we will need to see her face to decide if she’s an “Emerson Claire” or an “Olivia Michelle” or an “Olivia Claire” or an “Emerson Michelle.” Which do you like best? I am leaning more toward Olivia for a first name now, but that’s today. It could change in an hour. :) Please vote in our poll! It will be open for a week!


Amy Mahrer said...

Why am I JUST now hearing about this? Why didn't you call me??? You were there for me PRAYING during my scare and if nothing else I could have prayed!
So glad everything's okay with sweet pea. And I fully believe that God already has her named picked out and will tell it to you when the time is right.

Lindsay said...

OMG, so glad you're ok, and it was something easy to fix!! So scary!!

I placed my vote!! :)

Alyson said...

Holy Cow, Michelle! I'm so behind on reading blogs, and I can't believe I missed this! I'm so so so thankful to hear that everything is okay. An ear infection is so much better than anything being wrong with your precious girl, or with you pregnancy-wise! Praying that you'll go all the way to full term! And my vote is Olivia Claire, but all the names are cute!

Love you!