Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hello hospital…goodBYE hospital!

We’ve been very busy lately! I wanted to take a minute to document a little event from a week ago so I don’t forget about it!

Last Wednesday Addie was at my friend Kelly’s house and so I was home alone. I felt really dizzy all morning. I was so dizzy that I felt as though I might pass out or fall over at any point. I decided to call my doctor to ask about what he thought. My hope was that he would say, “You need to eat some _______ to get a certain source of nutrition.” But nope. That is not what he said. He said….. “Go straight to Labor and Delivery at the hospital and do not drive yourself.” I thought this sounded so silly! I told the nurse that was over the top and she explained that he was concerned it could be my blood pressure or the baby pressing on a major artery. I called Brandon to tell him what I had been told and how silly I thought it was. He did not agree with me. He instantly walked out of a meeting, drove home, and took me straight to the hospital. Kelly was so sweet to agree to keep Addie as long as we needed. I was so scared and emotional! I tried really hard to not cry a river but that was what I wanted to do. They checked me in, had me put on a hospital gown, and ran several tests. The baby was totally fine. Her heartbeat was strong, there were no contractions, and the nurse kept saying, “We are not having a baby today.” I thought it was really sweet because she knows no one likes to be in a L&D room at 22 weeks! After about an hour and a half the diagnosis came. An inner ear infection! That was it! It was causing me to be off balance and feel dizzy! So thankful it was nothing serious. Also so thankful for my ‘knight in shining armor husband’ and precious friend Kelly for being so good to me!

We are not any closer to a name for our sweet girl. I am beginning to wonder if we will need to see her face to decide if she’s an “Emerson Claire” or an “Olivia Michelle” or an “Olivia Claire” or an “Emerson Michelle.” Which do you like best? I am leaning more toward Olivia for a first name now, but that’s today. It could change in an hour. :) Please vote in our poll! It will be open for a week!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sprinkle for Baby Eli!

Amanda’s sister, Chrissy and I organized a little sprinkle at BJ’s on Sunday to celebrate Baby Eli who will be here less than 4 weeks!!  We had a great group of Amanda’s close friends and family together to celebrate such an exciting time!  We can’t wait to meet him!  Amanda is such a sweet friend to me, and I am so thankful for her!


Looky there!  A picture of us without our girls!  Shocking! Smile 


This was seriously the best cake I’ve ever eaten! Chrissy ordered this cake from the Cake Stand in McKinney.  YUMMY!  I could have eaten the whole thing! I definitely sound pregnant, as I keep finding my self typing about yummy food these days!!


Brandon and I made the cake balls!  This was our first time to attempt these and they were quite an adventure!  They turned out to be yummy, but I wanted to cry when the warmth of the day made them start dropping off of the sticks like flies!


She got some really cute things!


I made Big Sis/Lil Bro shirts for Ry and Eli…so much fun!  Amanda was surprised that I did Ry’s on a dress….love the looks on our faces….kinda crazy…


Such a GREAT celebration for a super sweet BABY MAMA! Smile

Saturday, August 20, 2011

On my nightstand...

So I was thinking tonight about how the books on my nightstand right now can tell so much about where I am in life.

Starting from the bottom....

1. The Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy by Vicky iovine-- hilarious little read. The first time I was pregnant this book was way too silly for me. I was only interested in "real" pregnancy books, you know--the ones written by a doctor. This time I have giggled my way through this little indulgence. :) My most recent uncontrollable giggle was this line about....well....probably not appropriate for the blog. (you're welcome, Dad)

2. Miserly Moms by jonni McCoy-- my stepmom gave me this book the Christmas we decided I would stay home. I am getting close to done with it. It is an incredible book!! It teaches you to save $ in lots of ways as a stay at home mom. I love the ideas I've learned. Especially the part about doing Christmas without breaking the bank. :)

3.Hope Rising by Kim Meeder-- my brother Ryan first told me about this book. This is a collection of true stories written by an inspiring lady in Oregon who operates and owns a farm for mistreated horses and emotionally starved children. Together the horses and children help to heal one another. This book nourishes my soul.

4. Cool Names for Babies by Pamela Satran--enough said :)

5. 30 Lessons from the Life of David by Dr. Criswell Freeman--I am trying to spend time with Jesus before Addie wakes each morning. I am reading segments of this little jewel of a book before I pray and ask Him to bless our day. I had a day this week that really rattled my chain. Reading about David reminds me that "nothing is impossible with God" Luke 1:37

5. Disney Princess Sticker Book--because my little princess loves to add her books to Mommy's stack. She makes me smile.

I know there is a lot of rage these days about electronic books. Call me old school, but I sure do love the smell and feel of a real book. :) I don't know if that will ever change.

So....What's on YOUR nightstand?

Don't worry Carol-- I did recommend that md-written preggo book! Ha ha ha :)

Love to ALL!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sweet Baby Girl

It's hard to believe, but.....

We just hit 20 weeks of pregnancy with our sweet baby girl!! We still have not settled on a name for our little angel, but we are very close! We had an appointment this week and received one more confirmation that she is a girl! The sono pictures we received weren't that great, but we did get to see her face and her spine. Just amazing!! I am so excited to meet her in just four months! Our c-section is scheduled for December 27th, so unless she decides to come early, we'll be seeing her face for the 1st time right after Christmas! I have decided to make her bedding and window treatments (first time to try this--wish me luck!!) and I am so excited about the fabric I found this week! I bought it at Ikea & got a great deal!

Here is a (not so great) photo of the fabric. I can't wait to see it all come together!

I took a couple of belly pictures Saturday night so that I could remember how I looked half way in this pregnancy.

I also had this sweet hat made for our little girl to wear in her newborn photos. I think it turned out so cute! Thank you Amanda for finding the design for us and thinking of me!!

We are starting to talk about painting and furniture switching and planning for our new little princess' room. So exciting!!

I forgot how much I love feeling a baby move around inside my belly!

Can't wait to see her precious face. :)

Love to all!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

A little of this, a little of that

Addie and I have been very busy girls this summer! Here's a random little post of stuff we've been up to!

We got to have lunch with CHANI! It was great to see our precious friend and catch up!

We have enjoyed a little park time, but only before 8:30 am.

We met Aunt Hillie and Landry at Ikea! Addie was beyond excited to see her man!

We got to play with the Steiner twins! Addie calls them "willjack"... Like they are one unit! Can you believe they will be one in less than a month??!! They are so stinking cute!

We have had so much fun with Lexi this summer! I need to make a separate post all about that. These girls are two peas in a pod! They play SO WELL together!

Sewing! I have been SEW busy sewing!!! Here are a few projects!

Addie and I have enjoyed eating breakfast on the back patio. It's still nice in the early morning.

My mom got this little blue outfit for her and I love it! The shorts creep up so you can't see them but who can resist those little legs?! Not me!

Looks like Rylee's bed head fairy paid a visit to Addie one night.... :)

Happy girl! Thanks Hicare for the cute outfits you sent! You spoil us!

Here's a baby bump picture....growing fast! I've started to feel her move, which I LOVE!

You may have to click on this one to see, but I love to watch het play during independent room time, especially when she doesn't know I'm watching.

Another room time adventure.... Trying on clothes! Excuse the mess, she cleans it up at the end of the time.

Eating at the bar! She looks so big to me!

My friend Amy took this picture of Addie this week and it melts me!

We got to play with Ben this week! This little boy is a doll! He is so sweet and so much fun.

I am trying to do learning time with Addie now and on this particular day we worked on fine motor skills. She rocked this activity!

Showing off her new sparkly shoes from cece!

And finally last night, waiting on a "no cone" :) thank you Ms Kristen for the fun mermaid dress! She loves it!

My heart is full! Love being momma to this little girl!