Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Oregon Trip-part 2

This is the second if two posts about our trip to Oregon. You may want to read the post below first.

On the road to the beach!!

When we arrived at the coast we made our way to our ocean front cottage and took a deep breath of that ocean air! Addie was excited about the balcony! This house was perfect and had the most breathtaking views!! We felt so blessed that my mom and Skip would treat us to such a fun place!

Addie kept saying "I'm so excited!"

We immediately had to walk down to the shoreline and show our little girl what the "beach" was!!

She loved it!!

Wherever we drove we saw these everywhere!

That night we found a local hole in the wall seafood restaurant that we read about online. It was so stinkin delicious!! I had to take pictures. I had the terriaki glazed halibut with corn polenta and Brandon had salmon with a fresh tomato basil topping. My fish was the most delicious And fresh I have ever had!

Check out the sunset!

And this was the view from our bedroom. There is nothing quite like sleeping to the sound of the waves.

The next day we took Addie down to the beach to play in the sand! She loved it but it was a little chilly so she didn't last too long!

My mom had surprised her with all of these super fun beach toys! So thoughtful!

That afternoon we headed out on a hike through the woods to see a beautiful light house and a natural attraction-an octopus tree!?

Along the way up there were some great spots to stop and enjoy the view!

That evening Brandon made us a yummy dinner on the grill and then we went for an evening stroll on the beach!

It was so cold that we had to put jeans under Addie's skirt!

There was a nice man who offered to let Addie fly his kite!

Self portrait!

When we were heading back we saw this cute sign..,

On our last day we took one last walk on the beach. It was actually warmer so Addie enjoyed shedding her jacket. She still had on pj bottoms while we waited for her jeans to dry. But I think she's cute no matter what! She was so happy when she was running free on the sand!

The tide was back so far a large portion of the ocean floor was exposed, so we saw living starfish everywhere!

Addie really wanted to stand on a BIG rock!

Brandon ventured a little further than us and saw a sea cave. There were mussels everywhere!!

Sadly we had to say goodbye to the beach and head back to the city and we THOUGHT we had one more night. But sadly we had to leave after dinner and fly to Seattle so that we could try (stand by) for the 7 am flight back to Dallas. It was a late night for our little angel.

We stayed the night (for 5 hours) at a hotel in Seattle then were at the airport by 5:30 am and thank God we got on the flight home. Addie sure is pooped, but it was all worth it!

Thank you Mom and Skip for an unforgettable week! We made memories that will last a lifetime! We love you!

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Amy Mahrer said...

Oh so, so, so happy that you had a week with your mom. Your post made me tear up because I know how happy you must have been with your family and then how sad goodbyes are. And Addie looked adorable in every picture!