Monday, July 4, 2011

Great Long Weekend!

We had a wonderful, relaxing weekend filled with lots of things we love!  Swimming, bubble baths, time with family, carousel rides, playing outside, and yummy food.  Addie has a summer cold so she wasn’t feeling 100% but she was a great sport and we still had a really fun weekend with her.  We let her play outside in the mornings before it would get too hot.  It was lovely to sit with my man and watch our little girl run and play. Sometimes I think, “Pinch me…am I in a dream? I can’t believe I get to live this life!”

All decked out in her patriotic dress her Cece sent her….She looked so cute and you could tell she FELT cute!  :)


We had a fun time at my Dad and Julie’s house Sunday night cooking out and laughing and just enjoying the yummiest food!  Addie’s favorite part was getting to take a bubble bath in Bubbie’s jacuzzi tub….


We ate out today for lunch and she enjoyed her “ICING” (ice cream) very much….


“HOSEEES” (Horsees) at the mall…


And just hangin out on her big girl bed, which has completely replaced her crib!  She is doing very well!  (She’s still waking up a little too early for my preference but I can’t complain!) Can’t believe how grown up my baby is!


Loved this weekend.  Love my little family.  Hope your weekend was wonderful too!


Amanda said...

So happy ya'll had a good weekend! I love the ice cream pics of Addie and her adorable patriotic dress, such a cutie pie! We miss ya'll!!!

Katie Hale said...

Yay Addie! Congrats on being in a big girl bed, so exciting!