Wednesday, July 6, 2011

3rd Annual Visit Your Poppie at Work Day

Every year around Father's Day I take Addie to downtown Dallas to visit my dad at his office and have lunch. It's always a great time! Dad enjoys taking Addie all over the office to see all of his coworkers. The first year she was in her infant seat snapped into the stroller. The second year she was sitting up in the big part of the stroller. But this year she RAN into his office! She also bolted into the president of the company's office at one point and I was humiliated! Fortunately he was a great sport and wanted to meet her. Life with a 2 year old is never dull, that's for sure!!

Annual picture:




We love you Poppie!


Chani said...

What a sweet post! This made me smile!! Addie B just has that effect on people, doesn't she?? :D

Nicole Rodriguez said...

And next year she'll be running in again while you're pushing her baby sister or brother!!! Cute post!